Date Title
12/24/2009 I Didn't Want to Name Them
12/11/2009 Poof: Part 3
12/09/2009 Poof: Part 2
12/06/2009 Poof: Part 1
11/11/2009 The English are a Strange People
11/07/2009 Two, Two, Two Comics in One!
10/28/2009 Higher Profits Than Yao's 401(k)
10/21/2009 Meta
10/08/2009 Grinder Organs
09/22/2009 Stop Fucking Raining!!!
09/09/2009 I'm Not Completely Sure What the Difference is Between Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
09/02/2009 The Classics Never Die
08/26/2009 Oh Shit, There's a Horse in the Hospital
08/12/2009 Up Against the Wall
08/05/2009 Dave Attell Used to Have Hair?!
07/29/2009 This is What I Start Thinking About When [redacted] is All [redacted] [redacted]
07/22/2009 We as Entertainers Have a Responsibility to These Kids
07/15/2009 Those USPS Rate Increases are Totally Justified
07/08/2009 Overseas Contingency Operations
06/17/2009 Bearsball
06/03/2009 Days Without a Fire: 14
05/27/2009 Do Bears Eat Foxes?
05/20/2009 Equal Protection Only Applies WHEN I SAY SO!
05/13/2009 Vi is the One True Editor
05/06/2009 Could the Fucking SCOTUS Please Read the Constitution Before Ruling?
04/29/2009 Animal Lovers
04/22/2009 Aren't You Going to Eat That?
04/15/2009 You Should Get To Stab People if Your Name is in the Title
04/08/2009 Resistance 2
04/01/2009 Yum, Soup
03/25/2009 Just No.
03/18/2009 Clandestine Operations
03/11/2009 Notice a Theme?
03/04/2009 March Snow Brings April Money Making Opportunities
01/09/2009 Hamas That Guy is Totally Innocent!
01/05/2009 Everything Old is New Again
2008 - The wheels came off!
12/15/2008 For Massive Damage
12/12/2008 Comedy or Guilt Trip?
11/21/2008 It's in My Brain
11/14/2008 Everything I Do, Part 2: The Unnecessary Sequel
11/10/2008 Everything I Do...
11/07/2008 A Date With Destiny
11/03/2008 Corn is Delicious!
09/22/2008 Fucking Drunk Sluts
09/19/2008 Fucking Cats
08/04/2008 Thanks For The Punchline, George
08/01/2008 You Are Not a Boat
07/28/2008 Delicious Burritos
07/25/2008 Simple and Clean
07/21/2008 It's a Good Day to Be Homeless
07/18/2008 What is it a Good Day For?
07/14/2008 The Hammer is My Penis
07/11/2008 What is the Hammer?
07/07/2008 If Only There Were 600 Dunk Tanks
07/04/2008 Imagine It's a Flash Movie
06/30/2008 This is So Awesome
06/27/2008 True Dreams of Wichita
06/23/2008 I Couldn't Figure Out How to Make this an XKCD Parody
06/20/2008 Weeds
06/16/2008 Kitties Are Fun
06/13/2008 Not So Bogus Journey
06/09/2008 The Neighbors' Yappy Little Dog is Awesome
06/06/2008 Fetish Night
06/02/2008 Signs and Portents
05/30/2008 Uninspired
05/26/2008 Seven Leaf Clover
05/23/2008 Tennessee
05/19/2008 A Classic
05/16/2008 It Wasn't Our Fault that Monday's Comic was Late
05/12/2008 A Legitimate Medical Procedure
05/09/2008 Persecution
05/05/2008 Only Elvis Knows...
05/02/2008 Sometimes It's Like Work
04/28/2008 How We Spent Our Weekend, Part 2
04/25/2008 How We Spent Our Weekend, Part 1
04/21/2008 (stares back, with dramatic sting music)
04/18/2008 In Case You Didn't Know: The Puppy is Dead
04/14/2008 Surfing on Sine Waves
04/11/2008 I'm Full of Ideas, This Was Just a Homage
04/07/2008 Soon to be Nintendo's Latest 'Innovation'
04/04/2008 What Can Blue Do For You?
03/31/2008 Happy Easter, Everyone!
03/28/2008 Corn
03/24/2008 A Needed Public Service
03/21/2008 Your Birthday is the Day You Were Born
03/17/2008 Head in the Sand
03/14/2008 Why Are They Trying To Re-brand It At This Late Date?
03/10/2008 Eight Isn't Enough
03/07/2008 Local News is Boring
03/03/2008 Fucking Ghosts
02/29/2008 The Ruby Ethos Flies Airtran
02/25/2008 Not Lucy; Christina
02/22/2008 Tengo que ir a la tienda a comprar mantequilla y queso.
02/18/2008 Dog Day Afternoon
02/15/2008 Hello Cleveland!
02/11/2008 Obligatory Leigh Eric Schmidt Reference
02/08/2008 Try To Be More Open-Minded
02/04/2008 A Floating Magical Castle
02/01/2008 At Least the Mouse has Done Us Proud
01/28/2008 Able to Leap Tall Buildings
01/25/2008 The Future!
01/21/2008 Is It Homonymy When One Meaning is a Slang Derivative of the Other?
01/18/2008 The High Temperatures Ensure Frozen Precipitation
01/14/2008 Deal of the Century
01/11/2008 The Whole Process is a Big Disappointment
01/07/2008 Crack a window, eh Willie?
01/04/2008 They Don't Measure Water
2007 - It was all about giraffes in the hizzy!
12/31/2007 Giraffes and Their Crazy New Year's Bank Capers
12/28/2007 Giraffes and Their Crazy Delusions of Being Santa
12/24/2007 Giraffes and Their Crazy Road Trips
12/21/2007 Giraffes and Their Crazy Drug Trips
12/17/2007 Reptiles Pay Big Money for Covert Assassinations
12/14/2007 The Reason For the Season
12/10/2007 'Tis the Season
12/07/2007 Explode!
12/03/2007 It's Been Over a Month!
11/30/2007 I Think You Know What That's About
11/26/2007 I Dislike Shaving
11/22/2007 Look, a Turkey!
11/19/2007 Look, a Dinosaur!
11/16/2007 They're Only Good at One Thing
11/12/2007 I Think Amy Sol Would be Horrified at What She Indirectly Influenced
11/09/2007 Not Just Any Children. These Children Are Special.
11/05/2007 Yes, We Advocate Eating Children. Yum.
11/02/2007 You Breadloaf
10/29/2007 I Want to be Betty Parris
10/26/2007 All Old Material
10/22/2007 All New Material
10/19/2007 Eggs Have Lactose
10/15/2007 The Art Critic Is In There Somewhere
10/12/2007 A Classic
10/08/2007 Solving Global Warming
10/05/2007 It's Not Just for Zombies Anymore!
10/01/2007 85 Minutes of Legendary Snipers
09/28/2007 Co-op?
09/24/2007 I call Master Chief!
09/21/2007 Death Rabbits
09/17/2007 It Never Happened 3: Yum
09/14/2007 It Never Happened 2: Made Sense to Me
09/10/2007 It Never Happened 1: Free Puppies!
09/07/2007 It's Like Dragon*Con, For Your Mind
09/03/2007 Fake Space Ghost Dancers Look Ridiculous
08/31/2007 It's How I Got Rich
08/27/2007 I Felt Bad Until She Wouldn't Shut the Hell Up
08/20/2007 It's Probably Too Subtle for You
08/17/2007 Fun Fact: In Costa Rica the Penalty for Making a Pun is Death
08/13/2007 Post-Industrial Society
08/10/2007 Bus of the, uh, Wasp Dead!
08/06/2007 Nothing New
08/03/2007 I Don't See the Problem (Get It? 'SEE'?)
07/30/2007 Sometimes They Make Your Car Stop Working, Too
07/27/2007 I Didn't Like You Anyway, Part 5: Red Guts and Black Teeth
07/23/2007 I Didn't Like You Anyway, Part 4: Black Shoes and Grey Hair
07/20/2007 I Didn't Like You Anyway, Part 3: Lavender Hoodies and Khaki Pants
07/16/2007 I Didn't Like You Anyway, Part 2: Green Shirts and Blue Eyes
07/13/2007 I Didn't Like You Anyway, Part 1: Red Hats and Paisley Scarves
07/09/2007 Overconfidentii Vulgaris
07/06/2007 Patriotism
07/02/2007 True Tales of Panama
06/29/2007 Real American Heroes
06/25/2007 Board Gaming Doesn't Require Feet
06/22/2007 Moral: Never Take Cheese From Friends
06/18/2007 Jewish Japanese Dining Don'ts
06/15/2007 Workplace Lesson: Eating Puppies is Okay, But Not Mailing Babies
06/11/2007 Lobster : Magnet :: Ginsu : Drywall
06/08/2007 I Wanted to Write the Title in Armenian, but it Turns Out it's Just a Bunch of Weird Squiggles
06/04/2007 Raccoon Toughs del Lado Incorrecto de las Pistas
06/01/2007 Abstract Shape Theatre
05/28/2007 The Workout Racoon
05/25/2007 Based Loosely on a True Story
05/21/2007 I'm Trying to Watch 24, Man!
05/18/2007 That Level Was Too Damn Long
05/14/2007 Sunday at DrF WWHQ
05/11/2007 That Poor Little Girl
05/07/2007 Does Whatever a Spider Can
05/04/2007 Scientific Atlanta DVRs Kinda Suck
04/30/2007 I DO Want to Know
04/27/2007 The Neighbors are Weird
04/23/2007 More Like Dr. Rugopolis
04/20/2007 D2: The Mighty Knives
04/16/2007 If Only...
04/13/2007 I Need More Cold Medicine
04/09/2007 I Didn't Need My Hair Anyway
04/06/2007 On Holiday
04/02/2007 Just Like You Imagined
03/30/2007 Because of the Beef People
03/26/2007 Stabbed on Phonics
03/23/2007 This is Why PB&J is Banned in My House
03/19/2007 A Week Late
03/16/2007 Man Versus Nature 3: Alligator
03/12/2007 Man Versus Nature 2: Goose
03/09/2007 PGA: The Arcane Arts
03/05/2007 Man Versus Nature 1: Squirrel
03/02/2007 Crimes Against Humanity 3: It's All So Clear Now
02/26/2007 Crimes Against Humanity 2: Well, We Both Hate Jews
02/23/2007 Crimes Against Humanity 1: Then It Must Be True
02/19/2007 Teen Girls Love Nelly
02/16/2007 True Tales of Work Meetings
02/12/2007 It's Cold Season Again
02/09/2007 For Dinner Tonight: Hamburgers!
02/05/2007 The Punchline Wrote Itself!
02/04/2007 Heart Punching
01/29/2007 I'm Guessing You can't Always Win
01/26/2007 Lasso It, and We Shall Dine on Space Hamburgers
01/22/2007 Give It a Few Years
01/19/2007 I Would Have Called This 'Hot Dog on a Stick', But There's No Fire
01/15/2007 We Have a Development Deal With A&E
01/12/2007 The Transformers Mythos is Freaking Complex
01/08/2007 Going the Extra Mile
01/05/2007 Fire Hydrants are Hilarious
01/01/2007 Bunnies Enjoy Being on Fire
2006 - I don't remember what we did
12/29/2006 JP's Wii Doesn't Work Quite Right
12/25/2006 Merry Switchmas
12/22/2006 Have a Mortal Xmas
12/18/2006 My Wii Tingles
12/15/2006 Absolutely Not, Douchebag
12/11/2006 Blast From the Past
12/08/2006 Tri-Sexually!
12/04/2006 Email's for Nerds
12/01/2006 Zelda has Monkleys!
11/27/2006 Serial Killer or Artist?
11/24/2006 Free Trade
11/20/2006 Wii Jokes: Right and Wrong
11/17/2006 Tickle Me Trout Arms™
11/13/2006 I Hug My Children With Nuclear Arms
11/10/2006 Less Refreshing Than Pirate Juice
11/06/2006 That Went Fullblown Pretty Quick
11/03/2006 Thanks, Steve!
10/30/2006 I Knew, Actually
10/27/2006 Were You Aware... That it is October?
10/23/2006 Wicked Job Skills
10/20/2006 It's Like Candy to Them
10/16/2006 Based on a Real Sign Found in Reston, VA
10/13/2006 A Roundabout Tribute to Clover
10/09/2006 Little Known Fact: Mice Don't Actually Eat Cheese
10/06/2006 Joke Time
10/02/2006 If Indiana Produces More, Why Does Illinois Make it Official?
09/29/2006 By Request: We Demean Your Hobby
09/25/2006 The Sweet Smell of Success
09/22/2006 Unless There Are Two
09/18/2006 Poison is Too Expensive to Keep Giving Away for Free
09/15/2006 We Had Artist's Block, Too
09/11/2006 Bleach, Part 4
09/08/2006 Bleach, Part 3
09/04/2006 Bleach, Part 2
09/01/2006 Bleach, Part 1
08/28/2006 My Suitcase Was Full of Hand Lotion. Because of my Dry Hands.
08/25/2006 Seriously, Even Colbert in PIP Can't Make This Fun
08/21/2006 The PotF Series Finale Was Extremely Disappointing
08/18/2006 Geopolitics
08/14/2006 Jack Bauer Would Let Me Bring Coke on My Flight
08/11/2006 Only God Can Make A Tree
08/07/2006 A Brand New Roderigo
08/04/2006 The Kick Line?
07/31/2006 I Want to Be a Superhero
07/28/2006 This is What Really Happens Inside of DHS
07/24/2006 Cartoon Birds Braided Your Hair This Morning
07/21/2006 Bank of America's Most Wanted 2
07/17/2006 Bank of America's Most Wanted 1
07/14/2006 This Was Called 'Reverse Psychology' Before I Changed Major Plot Points
07/10/2006 Damn Mosquitoes!
07/07/2006 The True Story of Don Caballero
07/03/2006 Independence... From Cats!
06/30/2006 Oh Good Lord, No
06/26/2006 Beat the Heat
06/23/2006 Self-Explanatory
06/19/2006 Guess What I Did This Weekend!
06/16/2006 What Kind of Sick and Twisted Metaphor is THIS?
06/12/2006 Wacky Hijinks Ensue
06/09/2006 Smoothies Are Delicious
06/05/2006 Duck Season
06/02/2006 Disappointment
05/29/2006 The Trailer Left Me Cold
05/26/2006 The Hell Saga, Step 5: Contamination
05/22/2006 The Hell Saga, Step 4: Commencement
Our 500th Comic! A Super-Special Edutainmental Flash Movie!
05/19/2006 DrFishopolis presents: A Guide to Ethics
05/15/2006 The Hell Saga, Step 3: Convocation
05/12/2006 Deja Vu
05/08/2006 We're How Late on the Priest Jokes Now?
05/05/2006 He Was Going to Power My Romulan Warbird
05/01/2006 That's What Friends Are For
04/28/2006 Wizards Are Hot
04/24/2006 This Comic Inspired by My Need For a Haircut. And My Love of Fire.
04/21/2006 You Could Have Told Me!
04/17/2006 Apparently 'Real' Easter is Next Sunday
04/14/2006 A Timeless Classic
04/10/2006 He Totally Called To Let Me Know
04/07/2006 Take a Message
04/03/2006 Torture IS Awesome
03/31/2006 He Sure Patrick'ed That One Up
03/27/2006 P for Pedophilia
03/24/2006 The Hell Saga, Step 2: Conviction
03/20/2006 The Hell Saga, Step 1: Certainty
03/17/2006 How Come They Never Did This During Fights on Star Trek?
03/13/2006 The Cat Circus
03/10/2006 Then I Don't Want to be Right
03/06/2006 The Series Lost All Artistic Integrity After #2
03/03/2006 We're Twice as Wacky as Tim Burton
02/27/2006 So Very, Very Cold
02/24/2006 Dogs > Cats
02/20/2006 This SEXY Metaphor Would Never Want to Get Pregnant
02/17/2006 Come on Man, It Was Important!
02/13/2006 Global Warming: So Hot it Hurts
02/10/2006 By Not-So-Special Request
02/06/2006 Crass Commercialism Totally Rules (But Only if There's Death)
02/03/2006 All the Hip Teens are Doing It
01/30/2006 Inspired Indirectly By Degrassi's Scorpion Tomatoes
01/27/2006 Gay Monkeys Have Rights Too, You Know
01/23/2006 You See, It's a Colloquialism
01/20/2006 Helloooo, McFly!
01/16/2006 Dear Fox: Fuck You, No One Cares About Football
Another fine DrF Flash movie!
01/13/2006 Sent From The Past Via Temporal Distortion
01/09/2006 Patience, My Friend
01/06/2006 Of Course It's Blank, The Universe Imploded!
01/02/2006 This Already Happened, In the Future!
2005 - Our least flash-moviest year in recent memory!
12/30/2005 Go Go Gadget Autogyro!
12/26/2005 We Hate People Who Celebrate Fake Holidays
12/23/2005 Apartment Hunting #2
12/19/2005 Apartment Hunting #1
12/16/2005 Sitting at Home All Day Waiting for the Fuckheads at UPS Rules
12/12/2005 Christmas Shopping Isn't Going So Well
12/09/2005 The Beat of My Heart
12/05/2005 Skullduggery!!!
12/02/2005 Catharsis
11/28/2005 Inspired by an Actual Admonition to Play with the Goats
11/24/2005 Look at the Pretty Kitty
11/21/2005 I Have the Same Problem with the Trees Outside My Window
11/18/2005 It's True, He Does
11/14/2005 Look at the Pretty Kitty
11/11/2005 Seriously, You People Can't Even Get TV Right
11/07/2005 How is it This Never Occurred to Us While it Was Still Timely?
11/04/2005 Aardvarks are Shifty and Refuse to Do the Dishes
10/31/2005 One Day This Will be Referred to as 'Exhibit H'
10/28/2005 That's Right Officer, I Was at a Halloween Party
10/24/2005 One of These Guys Robbed a Bank, Now He's Hiding Out in My Sinuses
10/21/2005 Adult Swim's New Series: See it Here First!
10/17/2005 Stop Making My Computer Freeze, You Stupid Motherboard!
10/14/2005 So Very Tired
10/10/2005 You Worthless People Are Going to Burn Over This Weekend's Numbers
10/07/2005 Spiritual Healing
10/03/2005 The Balloon-Oriented Gaming Comic You've Been Clamoring For
09/30/2005 Everybody Has a Sweet Side
09/26/2005 Can You Imagine the Pandemonium if NBA Jam was Still Popular?!
09/23/2005 I Put Myself Through College Doing This
09/19/2005 Virtual Boy 2: Gunpei Yokoi's Revenge
09/16/2005 I Like to Eat Human Brains More Than Any Other Type of Brains (Except Giraffe)
09/12/2005 Dumb Middle-Aged People Will Wish They Had Gone to See '40 Year Old Virgin' Instead of Reading This Comic
09/09/2005 Warning: This is Ju-on Pretty Much in its Entirety
09/05/2005 On Spec and on Time
09/02/2005 I Hope They Start Shooting the Motherfuckers
08/29/2005 SecuROM in No Way Encourages Piracy
08/26/2005 Inspired by a T-Shirt That Does Not Yet Exist
08/22/2005 Based on a True Story (Or: Why I Like Smog)
08/19/2005 At Least It's Not a Jumping Puzzle
08/15/2005 Maybe It's Maybelline
08/12/2005 Fair Warning: Amazon Outsourced Their Tech Support to India
08/08/2005 What Kind of Slope was that Again?
08/05/2005 Juice!!!
08/01/2005 Seeking Venture Capital Warlocks
07/29/2005 Done
07/25/2005 I Would Have New Shoes If This Comic Contained a Joke
07/22/2005 Michael Crichton Stole Our Cannibalism Idea in the Past
07/18/2005 What Happened To My Internet Connection?
07/15/2005 Can You Guess Which Part Didn't Happen?
07/11/2005 Coming Together
07/08/2005 This One's a Little Transparent
07/04/2005 I Gave the Tarot Lady $30, Who am I to Talk?
07/01/2005 If You Can Eat The Box, So Much The Better
06/27/2005 Tomorrow: The Vampire/Serial Killer Tour
06/24/2005 Who?
06/20/2005 Seriously, They're Doing an Investigation Based on This
06/17/2005 REVERSE Psychology? Never Heard of it!
06/13/2005 You Should Totally Emulate This Comic to be Popular and Cool
06/10/2005 Conifers: Nature's Candy Machines
06/06/2005 Hunk-A-Hunk-A-Hunk o' Burnin' Love
06/03/2005 Big Changes, Part 3: Apathy is Easier
05/30/2005 Big Changes, Part 2: An Action-Packed Introduction to the New Format
05/27/2005 Big Changes, Part 1: A Departure!
05/23/2005 Why Wasn't It Showing on DLP?
05/20/2005 The Sony Marketing Department's Best Chance
05/16/2005 Shouting is Fun
05/13/2005 Perfect Dark Zero Looked Awful, Too
05/09/2005 Combining Current Events
05/06/2005 Amazing Grace
05/02/2005 Spring Semester is Almost Over
04/29/2005 Didn't See That One Coming, Did You?
04/25/2005 The New Pope Hat Saga
04/22/2005 Much Better Than the New Nazi Pope!
04/18/2005 Fox Sucks for Cutting Arrested Development Short This Season
04/15/2005 Jade Empire Lesson #1: Lying is Awesome
04/11/2005 The Gematriculator Says... 70% Evil!
04/08/2005 The Adventures of Spear Boy and Asbestos Girl in 3D
04/04/2005 It's 10:00 AM, Do You Know Where Your Daylight Is?
04/01/2005 Too Much Free Time
03/28/2005 Hoppy Easter!
03/25/2005 Yes, I Would Like Some Shitty Overpriced Accessories with That!
03/21/2005 Certainly Not a Heavy-Handed Allegory
03/18/2005 Desert Highway
03/14/2005 Gold, Please.
03/11/2005 The Glue Whisperer
03/07/2005 With Teeth Eye Lasers
03/04/2005 In Memory of Bubba (Who Should Have Been Named Pinchy)
02/28/2005 I Need a Hot Romanian Wife/Girlfriend
02/25/2005 Finally the 3DO Version is Topped
02/21/2005 Turns Out I Just Hadn't Gotten to the Part with the Fire
02/18/2005 A Brush With Greatness
02/14/2005 Valentine's Day: The Hallmark Conspiracy
02/11/2005 So Sleepy
02/07/2005 The Salary Cap Ruined the NFL
02/04/2005 The Impaling is in No Way Symbolic, I Swear
01/31/2005 More Absolutely Correct Liberal Science
01/28/2005 Finding Gene Gray
01/24/2005 Global Warming, Redux
01/21/2005 Totally Sucks, BTW
01/17/2005 Thanks for the Inspiration, J.G.!
01/14/2005 I Can't Believe Some People Liked the Old Version
01/10/2005 Lit
01/07/2005 The Valley
01/03/2005 Anxiety
2004 - We refined our raw comic gold into comic gold bricks!
12/31/2004 Cooler Than a Tsunami
Another fine DrF Flash movie!
12/25/2004 It's a Wonderful Fire
12/20/2004 Jesus, That Hurts!
12/17/2004 Enjoy This Baklava!
12/13/2004 Onion-Rose vs. Bird-Monkey
12/10/2004 I Didn't Realize Arnie's Model Had a Neural Net When I Wrote This
12/06/2004 I Guess He Didn't Like It
12/03/2004 Let Sleeping Dogs Burn
11/29/2004 The Chicks Won The $50,000
11/26/2004 Turkeysayswhat?
11/22/2004 What Are We Going To Do Tomorrow Night?
11/19/2004 Without Borders
11/15/2004 Infantile Fixation
11/12/2004 Drive, Damnit, DRIVE!
11/08/2004 Dr. Fishlipoulos Forgets To Do A D.S.T. Comic
11/05/2004 Dr. Fishlipoulos: Spawn Camper
11/01/2004 Maybe that Icepick Went a Little Too Far
10/29/2004 Sexy Lobotomy Singles
10/25/2004 The Tricks That He Does are Ever So Clever
10/22/2004 Kentucky Fried Seagull
10/18/2004 Krevlornswath
10/15/2004 They Always Leaf Me...
10/11/2004 Acting: Fuck Yeah!
10/08/2004 This One Has Dust In It
10/04/2004 Un Peu Aprés Les Temps
10/01/2004 Perception Is Meaning
09/27/2004 What Exactly Are You Trying to Imply?
09/24/2004 Saved By The Dada
09/20/2004 A Friendly Gila Monster Helped Me Do My Laundry
09/17/2004 The Right Frequency
09/13/2004 For Your Birthday, I Have Gotten You... This Script!
09/10/2004 Year Two of Hilarity Starts... Now!
09/08/2004 They're One!
09/06/2004 By Special Request, Part Deux
09/03/2004 By Special Request
08/27/2004 Street Cred
08/23/2004 They ARE Delicious
08/20/2004 Prayer Circle
08/16/2004 Pants Guy Whom?
08/13/2004 Constraints
08/09/2004 I'm Buying the T-Shirt!
08/06/2004 Out of Time, Part 3: Lessons Learned
08/02/2004 Newfound Love, Part 2: Stung by Cupid's Arrow
07/30/2004 Newfound Love, Part 1: Burning Passion
07/26/2004 Ladder-Day Saints
07/23/2004 Take That, Fourth Wall
07/19/2004 Every Problem Looks Like a Nail
07/16/2004 The Classic Test of Love
07/12/2004 Bad Gas Mileage
07/09/2004 He IS Cute, Isn't He?
07/05/2004 I Don't Speak Spanish
07/02/2004 Youth Culture Killed My Dog (And I Don't Think It's Fair)
06/28/2004 The Tastemakers (Reverse Characters Version)
06/25/2004 The Tastemakers
06/21/2004 There's comfort yet; they are assailable
06/18/2004 To Ascertain the Value of Meeting Together at One Juncture
06/14/2004 Maybe That Would Change if MLS Sucked Less
06/11/2004 Email This Comic to a Sexy Friend
06/07/2004 But is the Converse True?
06/04/2004 All the Good Islands are Taken
05/31/2004 The Science is Impeccable
05/28/2004 You Can't Buy Happiness (You Have to Ignite It)
05/24/2004 Ghost of a Chance, Part 3: Ashes to Ashes
05/21/2004 Ghost of a Chance, Part 2: Hot Streak
05/17/2004 Quick and Easy
05/14/2004 Burning Love
05/10/2004 Beavis, My Friend, This Sucks
05/07/2004 Comic Creation Comics
05/03/2004 Self-Referential Comics
04/30/2004 Metaphor? I Don't Know What You're Talking About...
04/26/2004 Sofa King
04/23/2004 If We Had a Sticker, We Too Might Be Teachers
04/19/2004 Who Needs Precious Metals?
04/16/2004 A Blue Hat?
04/12/2004 Cadbury's Real Secret
04/09/2004 Where? I Don't See It!
04/05/2004 1.6 Billion and Sun *Still* Screws Us Over
04/02/2004 Yeah, I Hate Those
03/29/2004 You Common People Sicken Us
03/26/2004 I Can't Believe It's Not Fire^H^H^H^H Butter
03/22/2004 Faith Healing
03/19/2004 This is Our New Motif, Apparently
03/15/2004 I Don't Think He Looks Ridiculous At All
03/12/2004 DF Kombat
03/08/2004 What Goes Up
03/05/2004 Now That Really Was Cool
03/01/2004 Spaghetti Dinner
02/27/2004 KC One
02/23/2004 Authenticity
02/20/2004 Beware the Low-Carb Cookies
02/16/2004 So Now There's a Liquor Store
02/13/2004 I Choo Choo Choose You!
02/09/2004 Who Knew?
02/06/2004 Clearly, Only Nazis Celebrate Kwanzaa
02/02/2004 Punxsutawney
01/30/2004 Great Successes of The Pre-emption Doctrine
01/26/2004 I Can't Remember if We Did This Joke Yet
01/23/2004 Anybody Else Watching the Debates?
01/19/2004 Take That, Leaders of the Free World!
Another fine DrF Flash movie! Boobs!
01/16/2004 Is Cuthbert a Dark Tower Reference?
01/12/2004 Ultrapiousness
01/09/2004 This is a Totally Original Idea
01/05/2004 I Wish I Had His Job
01/01/2004 New Year's Resolutions
2003 - The year ended with a flash movie! Lucky You!
12/25/2003 Merry Xmas in December
12/22/2003 Our Weekend
12/19/2003 The Fries at Wendy's Kinda Suck
12/15/2003 Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok...
12/12/2003 Those Darn Video Games
12/08/2003 Get the US Out of the UN and Get the UN Out of the US
12/05/2003 Snow Day
12/01/2003 Holiday Traffic
11/27/2003 Turkey Day 2K3
11/24/2003 The Capacity for Learning
11/21/2003 Catch and Release
11/17/2003 Your Own Personal Chinese Restaurant
11/14/2003 Why Does Everybody Think Superman's So Great?
11/10/2003 Candy Pain
11/07/2003 Good and Good For You
11/03/2003 Deja Girlfriend
10/31/2003 TToDST - Part 2
10/27/2003 The Terror of Biometrics D.S.T.
10/24/2003 I'm Pretty Sure They Made the Light Flicker
10/20/2003 Really, Quit Posting Screenshots
10/17/2003 In Under The Wire
10/13/2003 Why Was He on Fire Again?
Justin added these comment thinghies to strategic locations in the archives.
10/10/2003 Inspired by a True Story
10/06/2003 We Know What's Really Important
10/03/2003 The Kamen Mounts a Stiff Resistance
09/29/2003 Pay Your Own Bills, Dumbass
09/26/2003 The Worst Comic Yet
09/22/2003 Perhaps a Biscuit Instead?
09/19/2003 Eat Matt Day #12
09/15/2003 Everwood Spoilers
09/12/2003 Harry Goz (1932-2003)
09/08/2003 Just Like the X-Files, Only Less Jewish
09/05/2003 Mayor Mike Haggar Day #3
09/01/2003 On DC You Got to Ride a Raft
08/29/2003 Rubicon
08/25/2003 This Really Happened!
08/22/2003 Xbox Live: Center for Civil Discussion and Tea
08/18/2003 Quit Playing KOTOR
08/15/2003 Build More Nuclear Plants and We Won't Have This Problem
08/11/2003 It's a Dilemma!
08/08/2003 Take That, You Damn Socialists!
08/04/2003 Brain Food
08/01/2003 I Couldn't Forget, Twice
07/28/2003 Mayor Mike Haggar Day #2
07/25/2003 Alien Cowboy Barn Dance!
07/21/2003 Mayor Mike Haggar Day #1
07/18/2003 Was This Wise?
07/14/2003 Eat Matt Day #11
07/11/2003 Prescription Drug Benefits
07/07/2003 Yum!
07/04/2003 BIZARRO Terminator 3
06/30/2003 We All Need Someplace to Sit
06/27/2003 PGA's MS Paint Breakdown
06/23/2003 PGA: The Pope Stops Here (The Pope Hat Saga, Finale)
06/20/2003 The Pope Hat Saga, Part 2
06/16/2003 The Pope Hat Saga, Part 1
06/13/2003 The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
06/09/2003 The Healing Power of Saliva
06/06/2003 Stumpy, Deposed King of the Candy Trees
06/02/2003 Warm Milk Makes Me Sleepy
05/30/2003 How to Get Rid of Unwanted Books
05/26/2003 ...or is it?
05/23/2003 Poor Anya (special text-only edition)
05/19/2003 Killing Two Plotlines With One Comic
05/16/2003 Lunar Eclipse
05/12/2003 Burning Man Syndrome
05/09/2003 Handbag Made of Meat
05/05/2003 The Classics Never Die
05/02/2003 Eat Matt Day #10
04/28/2003 Tsaeb Deretla
04/25/2003 Damn You, Gabe Newell!
04/21/2003 PGA: Now Doesn't That Make You Feel Better?
04/18/2003 Sometimes, It's Just Easier
04/14/2003 Eat Matt Day #9
04/11/2003 Meanwhile, back on earth...
04/07/2003 Happiness is a Warm Scalp
04/04/2003 White Ninja steals elftor's hat and acts saucy
03/31/2003 The New Ice Age
03/28/2003 No Comics
03/24/2003 Test of Humanity
03/21/2003 White Ninja is a fair tyrant
03/17/2003 And the Moral of the Story Is...
03/14/2003 Joining the Army? Really?
03/10/2003 White Ninja is stuck on Hoth
03/07/2003 Much Better Than Reese's
03/03/2003 Token Political Cartoon
02/28/2003 Hot Gay Ape on Ape Action
02/24/2003 The Sleep Sharks
02/21/2003 Eat Matt Day #8
02/17/2003 D.S.T. Made the Snow Tired
02/14/2003 Kyoko Makes It All Better
02/10/2003 I Would've Liked to Watch More Than the First 13 Minutes
02/07/2003 The Real Heroes
02/03/2003 Science Did It
01/31/2003 Girl Hair
01/27/2003 Misdirection
01/24/2003 A Good Kamen Brings Evil To Its Knees
01/20/2003 Ladies Appreciate a Good Kamen
01/17/2003 Boothead and the Girl
01/13/2003 Turning Over a New Leaf
01/10/2003 Our Namesake
01/06/2003 Damn You, Neal Stephenson!
01/03/2003 At Least There Weren't Any Whales
2002 - A very palindromic year, on average.
12/30/2002 Look Out For That Tree!
12/27/2002 Eat Matt Day #7
12/25/2002 The Spirit of Christmas
12/23/2002 Future Echoes
12/20/2002 Wissenschaftsgesellschaft
12/16/2002 Omaha Steaks
12/13/2002 Vocabulary
12/09/2002 Teh Life of Larry - Part II
12/06/2002 Teh Life of Larry
12/02/2002 Consume!
11/29/2002 Eat Matt Day #6
11/25/2002 Make it Like Halo, Damnit!
11/22/2002 Green Alien Murder #1
11/18/2002 Fatigued
11/15/2002 Justin's Debut!
11/11/2002 Do-Si-Do
Upon playing Deus Ex, Matt went crazy with continuity!
11/08/2002 The Spector Saga, Part 5: Warren Spector's Head on a Pike Tastes Like Chicken
11/04/2002 The Spector Saga, Part 4: The French Police Taste Like Disgusting Unwashed Frenchmen
11/01/2002 The Spector Saga, Part 3: UNATCO Tastes Like Organic Cheetos
10/28/2002 The Spector Saga, Part 2: Majestic 12 Tastes Like Water Buffalo
10/25/2002 The Spector Saga, Part 1: The Illuminati Taste Like Candy
10/21/2002 When You Just Can't Remember...
10/18/2002 Oklahoma
10/14/2002 SGCMCMXCVII
10/11/2002 Eat Matt Day #5
10/07/2002 Still No Cure For Cancer
10/04/2002 Best Friends
09/30/2002 Like Zorro, Only in Your Brain
09/27/2002 Keepers of the Peace
09/23/2002 Eat Justin Day!
09/20/2002 Whoops!
09/16/2002 Everybody Loves Candy, Right?
09/13/2002 Sweet, Sweet Revenge
09/09/2002 Jim!
09/06/2002 Jellies Guy Dom!
09/04/2002 No Comic
09/02/2002 Fucking Cable Monopolies
08/30/2002 Eat Matt Day #4
08/26/2002 PGA: Much Better Than SGD
08/23/2002 Get Rich Quick!
08/19/2002 Fukakyon Strikes Again
08/16/2002 STFU About Elvis, He's Dead.
08/12/2002 A Lifetime of Guaranteed Happiness
08/09/2002 Stop Asking For Sandwiches!
08/05/2002 Well, It's Better Than Rosie, Isn't It?
08/02/2002 We Want a Rock
07/29/2002 A Battle for the Ages
07/26/2002 Damn Anime
07/23/2002 Late NWN Scripting
07/22/2002 Kool Keith
07/19/2002 An Open Letter to Dr. Lobster
07/18/2002 Me Learn Draw #1
07/15/2002 We Love Elftor!
07/12/2002 Eat Matt Day #3
07/08/2002 The First Function of Life
07/05/2002 Doomsday
07/01/2002 Practical Jokes
06/28/2002 Screenshot Time #1
06/24/2002 The Irish == Food!
06/21/2002 The Writer's Block Option
06/17/2002 He's Better in Milk
06/14/2002 East Coast Beach Tour '02 (Day 14)
06/10/2002 Take Your Clothes Out of the Damn Drier!
06/07/2002 It's still Friday, I swear!
06/03/2002 It's still Monday, I swear!
05/31/2002 (Definitely) No Comic
05/27/2002 Press Here to Win!
05/24/2002 It's Dangerous Out There
05/20/2002 Dutched Again
05/17/2002 Tenshi na Konamaiki
05/13/2002 Co Nomic
05/10/2002 No Comic
05/06/2002 I C YuR Homage
05/03/2002 I Still Don't Want a P4
04/29/2002 Blade Runner 2: Leprechant Dreams
04/26/2002 That's LetterPERSON!
04/22/2002 Daisuki
04/19/2002 Fresh Popped
04/15/2002 Ice Water
04/12/2002 Touching Up the Paint on the Ponies
04/08/2002 Pedestrian Fatalities
April 5th: Justin added avatars and made rants submittable over the web instead of manually by ftp.
04/05/2002 Revenge is a dish best served steaming
04/01/2002 A Bit Behind the Times
03/29/2002 Doctor Who?
03/25/2002 Officer Who?
03/22/2002 Mecfarly Who?
03/18/2002 Zack Who?
03/15/2002 Gates Who?
03/11/2002 Trade Him For A Dog
03/08/2002 This'll Probably Come Later in the Game
03/04/2002 The Concept of Love
03/01/2002 Mining For Comedy Gold
02/25/2002 For Edward?
02/22/2002 No Comic
02/18/2002 Sucking for Dollars
02/15/2002 !!
02/11/2002 Spaghetti With Garlic and Bananas
02/10/2002 No Comic
02/08/2002 Time Travel Road Map
02/04/2002 Stupid Kids
02/01/2002 High-Stakes Lawn Gnoming
01/31/2002 Patriotic Duty
01/28/2002 Distinguished for Character More Than for Heroic Achievement
01/25/2002 *pout*
01/23/2002 No Comic
01/21/2002 No Comic
01/18/2002 ...Makes the World Go Round
01/14/2002 The Spirit of Giving
01/11/2002 Attack of the Former IXL Employees
01/07/2002 Stupid Farmers
01/04/2002 f.p.m.i.t.a.p.
2001 - Less crappy than 2000.
12/19/2001 We Have Always Been Here
12/17/2001 Nuts
12/14/2001 Hideo Kojima's Double Entendre
12/14/2001 I Don't Believe You
12/10/2001 Sometimes it's Not
12/07/2001 Bangladesh
12/04/2001 Eat Matt Day #2
12/03/2001 The Ice Cream Saga
11/30/2001 Marketable Skills
11/26/2001 Yum!
11/25/2001 Digital Presidents, Part 1 [Weekend Bonus]
11/23/2001 I am the comic masTAR
11/19/2001 I Have My Own Camcorder
11/16/2001 Sometimes it's Intentional
11/12/2001 Recent Events
11/09/2001 X-ponential
11/05/2001 Rune is Pretty Fun
11/02/2001 D.S.T.
10/29/2001 Michael's Revenge #1
10/26/2001 Let Michael Be My Guide
The first comic Matt wrote!
10/22/2001 Mostly True Story
10/21/2001 They're just misunderstood
09/30/2001 No Comic
09/27/2001 Eat Matt Day #1
08/19/2001 Movie Night
07/18/2001 Finally, an Android With Eye Lasers!
06/30/2001 Return of Webcomic!
2000 - Crap and inside jokes. Do not read.
12/13/2000 Patrick's Debut!
12/12/2000 No Comic
12/11/2000 No Comic
12/10/2000 No Comic
12/09/2000 No Comic
12/08/2000 Flying Wizards Considered Harmful
12/07/2000 No Comic
12/06/2000 The Comic That Never Was
12/05/2000 No Comic
12/04/2000 No Comic
12/03/2000 Screwed
12/02/2000 Stupid Intellimouse Explorer!
12/01/2000 What?