Saturday, December 2nd, 2000: Stupid Intellimouse Explorer!

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2000-12-02 04:57:54
by: regolith

On web comics: PHP Rocks. MySQL Rocks. The GIMP (for windows) sucks. Expect navigation buttons someday. (no, Matt, not Sunday!)(update: I added navigation buttons (on Saturday, MATT!) since you wouldn't be able to see my first comic without them.)

On leprechauns: What is there to say about them? They rock. Don't ask me to compare them to lobsters, though.

On stealing lines from Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast: I believe every word that man said, because it's just what I wanted to hear.

On not having hands: That's what I get for trying to use an IE to draw with.

On my hair: That's about how it looks. I need a haircut. Badly. And a girlfriend if you can spare one.

Oh, yeah. Drawing with the Intellimouse Explorer sucks. I drew myself too thin and it's all the IE's fault.