Friday, August 9th, 2002: Stop Asking For Sandwiches!

Well, It's Better Than Rosie, Isn't It? To current comic A Lifetime of Guaranteed Happiness

In Soviet Russia, Sandwiches Ask For YOU!
2002-08-09 00:59:24
by: regolith
Hi-ho from Comicland! Panavision on the final panel courtesy of 60's repeating backgrounds. But they could have made the colors be the same at both times! IT WOULD HAVE HELPED A LOT! Anyway, comic making is tiring...

I've been filling out applications for retail store cashier/etc. positions... this sucks. OTOH, I've bought some more manga since I've been going around to bookstores. Just got the 2nd volume of Mars, a manga about a very shy girl who falls in love with a young man who doesn't feel like he has anything to live for. But the guy is a hottie, and the other girls are jealous, and he's got some dark past, etc. Well, I'm into it ;)

Oh, yeah, welcome DuckPuppy/Patrick to the position of Ranter at DrF! He lives in Arizona, so he's in the wrong time zone all the time! HA-ha! Anyway, we'll have a little more content to feed you, the voracious Internet public, now that we've got Patrick on board.