Monday, October 28th, 2002: The Spector Saga, Part 2: Majestic 12 Tastes Like Water Buffalo

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You know you were waiting for it...
2002-10-28 06:03:02
by: apon

Fucking daylight savings time!!!

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2002-10-28 19:34:19
by: regolith
Well, after a trip to Target to get a wok and an hour of chopping stuff and half an hour of wokking it all together, I had sweet and sour pork for dinner :)

It came out edible and tasting good enough, and I haven't yet died from eating it, so I'll call it a success! It included a really massive amount of chopped vegetables. I could hardly lift the wok and couldn't do that flippy stir fry thing, so I had to just flip the ingredients with a spatula :\

The wok is of the bare carbon steel "authentic" variety, and you have to "season" it before you can use it... and you can't clean it with soap. Only hot water and a scrubber. It worked well enough, so I think I'll try it for some pork fried rice next time.


2002-10-31 00:34:08
by: regolith
Hm, seems like I'll be switching from Bellsouth DSL to AT&T cabley internet in coming weeks... Just hope their newsgroup servers are as good as my current one.