Monday, November 3rd, 2003: Deja Girlfriend

New Jokes, Same Clothes.
11/02/03 07:26:13 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Earliest comic post ever?

So, I got home late on halloween and no chillin's came around. I saw zero people in halloween costumes the whole day. Weird. Anyway, instead of taking my large, unopened bag of candy back to Kroger for a refund, I opened it and ate candy for about half my meals this weekend, polishing off last the mini-twix/milky way/snickers/three musketeers/dark milky way bars (dark milky way is quite horrible) after a dinner of new cambpell's wedding soup (pretty good, but Spaghetti Warehouse's wedding soup wins).

Instead of working on Matt's crazy request for an online comic creator, I remembered I had a half-finished c# bittorrent client (after seeing a few hits to DrF from google searches for "c# bittorrent"), so I tried to run that, but whenever I tried to open a file open/save dialog, the thing would hang! It didn't do that before, and I hadn't recompiled it from the last time, so what followed was a long long session of uninstalling and reinstalling .net 1.0 and 1.1 and and trying to trick to compile using the .net 1.1 c# compiler insetad of the 1.0 one, but I couldn't figure it out. Then I read that a new dialog called FolderBrowserDialog would hang if the path it was opened on was longer than 150 chars or something, so I changed the path my open dialog would start on to something short, and it worked! Stupid MS broke something in .net 1.1... Now the dialog will open even if I set it to the dir it didn't work on before, but if you try to go to My Documents, it hangs. Jerks.

That was all last night. Today, I went to see Scary Movie 3 with a friend from high school (and her boyfriend and her latest ex-boyfriend!? ^^;;). She now has a tongue piercing and, having gotten a degree in Computer Science, just got a job as a veterinary assistant! Go, Neta!

Last sunday, Adult Swim said Big O would KILL US, and then they showed a rerun instead of the final ep. Jerks. Hopefully they'll show the last ep tonight, and we can see Roger Smith negotiate with the ones who created Paradigm City and have been watching over them... or whatever.

On monday morning, I have to go to Norcross somewhere to see a poster printer in action and take down its details or whatever, since we're looking into buying one at work. bleh.


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by: regolith - mood: pissed
I've been working 14 hours... WTF!

In unrelated news, I see a PGA day in our Friday future...

We're working on pulling training materials together for a pilot of an orientation program for a big company's new hires. Owel, uh... free pizza?


11/06/03 03:11:10 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

PGA... umm, more advanced notice might be nice in the future. They take an enormous amount of time to get ready, plus I usually hate doing them. It will also so quickly destroy our attempt to generate a comic that might appeal to readers.

Anyway, been wasting time for too much of today because coworkers won't stop starting completely pointless debates with me. Oh well.

Naturally I caught the 9:00am showing of Revolutions yesterday (while that slacker Justin was apparently at work; somebody needs to get their priorities straight). It was really good, easily on par with Reloaded (read: much more entertaining than the badly overrated first in the series). You should all go see it.