Dr. Fishopolis is assembled twice weekly by a staff of thousands of genetically engineered sea monkeys. These sea monkeys know that you crave the funny, and they aim to deliver. That's why they focus on only the most hilarious topics -- pedophilia, vomit, fire, and jokes stolen from Adult Swim. Take a look through the voluminous archives and see for yourself!


  • Monday - New comic! Plus, probably some rantage.
  • Tuesday through Thursday - Possibly some rants, maybe a bonus comic, maybe free candy -- who knows!
  • Friday - Another new comic! Would you like a rant with that?!
  • Saturday through Sunday - Maybe some rants, or maybe we'll just pretend the site doesn't exist for a couple of daysyears!

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The writer. He is your god. Also responsible for drawing the world famous Pants Guy Apon strips, and throwing together the occassional regular strip. You can tell his writing due to its hilarity, and his art due to the fact that it's awful. Sometimes called Matt. The only contributor left who still has hair. He also wrote this about page in its entirety.
The artist. If a comic isn't funny, it's because he changed it to make the art easier. Occassionally has to come up with a comic on his own, when apon is too lazy busy to get to it. These comics also aren't funny. Occassionally known as Justin, he has recently joined the ranks of the bald.
An occasional ranter. Sometimes called 'Patrick', apon and rego's wacky pal chimes in on the state of the game industry, how much we all hate Sony, or whatever's on his mind. He's fresh and in your face!


  • Dr. Lobster - Provides us with inspiration via their guide to web comics, and art to steal via their art.
  • Adult Swim - We would never steal jokes outright from these guys, that's for sure!
  • Elftor - Elftor loves us!