Monday, December 15th, 2008
For Massive Damage
apon Heavenly Sword
12/15/08 08:53:10 AM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

Time spent playing all but the third form of the final boss: 5 hours

Time spent playing the third form the the final boss before giving up and watching the ending on YouTube instead: 2 hours

The game was very pretty, and mildly fun, but the end was the biggest disconnect between game difficulty (easy) and boss difficulty (impossible) I've ever seen. Once I realized I had gone from having a pleasant afternoon to hating life, I went looking for strategies. Finding no strategies I went looking for cheats. Finding no cheats I went looking for videos, and there my journey ended. Probably worth a rental, or a cheap purchase and flip on eBay, but no more.