Friday, September 30th, 2005: Everybody Has a Sweet Side

From Big Heads to Airheads
09/30/05 12:31:11 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
I don't think there's a video game based on this comic...

All the fall TV shows I was anticipating have started, and all the things I watch fall blissfully on good nights. Unfortunately, Everwood and Reunion are in direct conflict, and I'm having a hard time watching Supernatural without falling asleep, but bittorrent and I will work something out. Or maybe those last two might end up not getting watched by me again. Then there's that WB show about the three sisters from the co-producer of Friends starting next week. It originally didn't hold much attraction for me, but after seeing the commercials a million times, I'm starting to dig it. Wednesday's a bad day, though, so it may still never get watched.

Anyway, at work, I continued perfecting my C#-based tool for inserting powerpoint slides into word documents based on a template. I hadn't had the need to transfer the slide notes before, so that's what I added. Now we have like 50 ppt files we need to make facilitator's guides out of, so my tool and I are heroes. Before, we would export all the slides as jpegs, then insert them in the right place in the document and resize them by hand. Now, it's just like click-click-click or something.

Man, I'll be glad to hit the weekend. Though there's a weekend-long boardgaming event, I kind of doubt I'll go anywhere or do anything, except vote for us on TWC. Hm, maybe I'll buy some pants. I want to have pants. Maybe I'll buy some pants on eBay.