Monday, November 4th, 2002: The Spector Saga, Part 4: The French Police Taste Like Disgusting Unwashed Frenchmen

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Truly Gods Among Men
2002-11-04 08:53:40
by: apon

How else could we have made fun of Daikatana and had a fart joke in the same comic?


Horribly Fallible Gods
2002-11-04 18:16:37
by: regolith
Whoops, instead of Comic Sans MS, I did the comic in Verdana... I've fixed it now, though, so forget. Forget!


We Love Spaceman!
2002-11-04 18:57:42
by: regolith
Just testing out banner ads... This is the evolution and simplification of a really really bad banner I made for no reason before. Now it's just really bad, I think.