Monday, November 17th, 2003: Your Own Personal Chinese Restaurant

Important Life Lessons
11/16/03 09:11:23 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

Meatwad: Why'd he do that?
Shake: Why wouldn't he?


Master and Commander... Of Breaking My Suspension of Disbelief!
11/17/03 06:43:50 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Had today off, so I took in a movie, and it was very good, but... Gah, those damn theater identification dots! The studios put on their films to somehow combat crappy videotaped versions leaking onto the internet, but goddamn they're annoying! On this particular print, about an hour in, when they're chasing the French ship around Cape Horn, the rain is coming down in buckets, people are hanging on for dear life, and those dots appeared about 8 times within 10 minutes. They have to cut a kid loose to die, and the damn things appear on the captain's stricken face! -____-;; Bah...