Monday, July 1st, 2002: Practical Jokes

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Power... Overwhelming!
2002-07-01 04:13:56
by: regolith
On Friday, Matt'll be in Forestfireville, AZ, and I'll have full creative power over the comic! Tremble, mortals! (please read, mortals!)

NWN happenings:
Me talk to pleasure girl. Matt kill pleasure girl while me talking to her. Laughs for all! *pout*

So, we got to the top of this mage tower and hit a scripting bug that keeps the gates from opening, and we had to go do that part over. We were going to summon a water elemental to free this dude from his magic prison, but Matt had it give him a crappy ring instead. When we managed to get the ingredients together again, we hit a scripting bug and couldn't summon the elemental again. I've gotten stuck in walls/cliff edges a few times, needing Matt to ram me out again. The pathfinding has been horrible, causing a henchman to run to a box on the opposite end of the room and smash it instead of the one Matt needed help opening.

urgh, that's about it from me for tonight. I'll let Matt give you plot spoilers if he wants to...