Monday, June 24th, 2002: The Irish == Food!

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haiku of going the hell to sleep!
2002-06-24 05:43:31
by: regolith
I queried Google
"Platter of baby back ribs"
That was its reply.

Played NWN with Matt until he passed out, then made comic. good-night.


A/S/L??? I'm a lawful neutral human monk!
2002-06-24 13:34:07
by: apon

NWN good. Wanna play more rather than work.

Much travelling starting the 4th. Should be interesting. Not sure if that's good or not.

Back to work...


Gearhost: *grumble*
2002-06-25 18:28:58
by: regolith
02-12-2002 Gold - Monthly $9.95       $9.95                       
04-15-2002 Gold Web Hosting           $9.95                       
05-15-2002 Gold Web Hosting Account   $9.95                       
06-14-2002 Gold Web Hosting Account   $16.95                       

It's supposed to always be $9.95, damnit! I've e-mailed billing, and we'll see what they say... Ah, webmastering!