Friday, November 10th, 2006
Less Refreshing Than Pirate Juice
regolith Lasers!
11/10/06 12:07:36 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Just went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert... And while it may be a bit early for Christmas music, it's NEVER too early to ROCK!

Anyway, there were lots of lasers, flashing lights, spinning lights, fire, green fire, red fire, blue fire, white sparkles, and snow.

Umm, yeah. It may help if I say there was a girl involved?

Still, they were like rockin' like Queen playing classical music, and the Christmas stuff was only for the first half of the show. 2.5 hours of heavy metal Beethoven? Recommended!


apon Oh Man...
11/10/06 08:21:47 AM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

I can't stop smiling. Frankly, it's starting to creep me out. :-D