Friday, October 7th, 2005: Spiritual Healing

Listen You Slackers, You're Going to Go See Serenity This Weekend.
10/06/05 11:24:29 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

I don't care if you've already seen it. You will go and you will see it again. And if you haven't seen it... Well, there's going to be a special place in hell for you if you don't rectify that pretty quickly. Let's just say that what happens to the victims in our usual scripts would be a relief for you.

I mean it! I'm not going to let you lazy pieces of shit fuck this up for the rest of us!


Keep the Joss Quiet!
10/06/05 11:29:59 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: big-headed
If you must see Serenity, buy a ticket to In Her Shoes or Just Like Heaven and sneak in! Don't tell anyone how awesome it is, so you can savor it alone. We can't let the public catch wind of this!

Don't pass it on...