Monday, September 2nd, 2002: Fucking Cable Monopolies

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Unconsciously Eltorific?
2002-09-01 23:39:05
by: regolith
Welp, I was kept thoroughly busy today cashiering stuff... and things. Stuff like double-pack chicken carcasses or super-size ground meat packets. Things like... Whatever they were, I scanned them and got their juices on my hands. Matt seems to be having a problem with his cable, thus today's comic. Pretend there's a Comcast logo on the bad guy's robe. I forgot to add it. Anyway, I've got some Azumanga Daioh ep 20 to watch! It's like the spiritual successor to To Heart, except without any guys to mess it up with their "feelings."


2002-09-03 09:56:41
by: apon

Yeah, so this comic is pretty much a true story. The dialogue has been changed a bit, mostly because I don't remember exactly how it went. At any rate, I'm pretty much going insane without proper net access; I suspect I'll either be catatonic or homicidal by the time 08:30 Sunday rolls around.

Also, Justin forgot that Sunday is capitalized.

Shines: 33. For some reason it took me forever to beat that stupid sand bird. Supposedly the rocket nozzle was going to be permanently unlocked at 25 shines, and the turbo nozzle at 30, but no such luck.