Wednesday, July 18th, 2001: Finally, an Android With Eye Lasers!

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Baby-Eating Rant Converter
2001-07-18 18:29:11
by: Baby-Eating Rant Converter

Haha, weekends be damned! If I ever update again, it'll be a freak accident... Maybe.

I accidentally put the text on at the wrong time and drew the guys with lines too thin to shrink down by 50% for the final, but I shrank it to 75% to give you some hope of seeing it all at once. Hope you like it. Jerk.

Just for my standard explanations: Gate is an android, so he can play multiple games of 3D Speed Minsweeper in his head. The other guy is a stupid human. I think his name is Matt, but you never know with humans. Gate's cat wasn't named before I made the strip. I'll tell you if the situation changes.

The HQ version is here, so blow your brains out with its massive quality attack