Monday, October 27th, 2003: The Terror of Biometrics D.S.T.

Not at all like Superman IV
10/27/03 01:21:48 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: big-headed
I hope that tomorrow, my energy will be as strong as the weak autumn sunlight, and not weak, like... some damp tissue...



10/28/03 05:18:21 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Actually, I did pretty well yesteray and today. Did the catalog listing yesterday and the details page and shopping cart today. Will start in on the checkout process tomorrow, I guess.


I don't think I ever saw the fourth one
10/28/03 07:41:31 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

Man, the prof for this class i'm taking is such a smart guy. He just outsmarted us all. Last week he told us that there would be no trivia on the midterm, and we wouldn't have to write any MIPS assembly, just read it. But he totally fooled us! Over half the test was trivia, plus we did have to write MIPS code. What a cool guy!


10/30/03 09:41:06 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Well, last night was a cold night, and cold nights make me dream vividly (and sleep in atrociously). In one of my last dreams of the night, I was stranded on an island with some people. We were resting by the sea, when I noticed that there were leeches in the water that was lapping ever closer (are there even leeches in the sea?). This one guy was hurt and couldn't roll away from the water before some leeches got on him, so I brushed them off, but one stuck to me, so I brushed it off me. The wily sucker stuck itself to the hurt guy again. I brushed it off him again, and it stuck to me... again. Tried pulling it off, but it was harder that time, and when it came off, it attached to my leg. Then somebody said what leeches really want is cheese, and we happened to have a bag of cheese (kraft singles?). So, I grasped the leech behind its head, so it couldn't attach to me again, and pulled it off. The leech strained its tentacles (it had tentacles coming out from around its mouth now) toward me, but once I got it near the cheese, it leaped for the stuff. Sinking its tentacles deep in the yellow cheese, the leech drank its fill. It quickly grew to ten times its size and was covered with a coat of light gray fur. It was now the size of a large kitten with no arms or legs and with thin tentacles coming out of its head. It pulled its face off the cheese and (it had eyes now) looked at me with a grotesque visage of kitten-like love (and also tentacles). Having been blooded by many a kitten, I knew that the neck hold was still probably the best choice for carrying around my little bundle of parasitic joy, so I gripped it soundly by the neck and walked towards the sea. Oh, no! A crocodile! Are there even crocodiles in the ocean?! My furry pet leech strained at my grip, so I let it go. It flew with the force of righteous fury towards the croc and embedded itself in the beast's leathery side. Though the crocodile flailed, the mouth and tentacles of my leech swiftly drained the life blood from it, and soon, the beast was dead. So shocked was I, to see the power of this amazing cheese and blood-powered friend, that I hardly noticed when a race of sentient, talking kittens walked out of the ocean, completely dry! I guess they wanted to take the monster to their underwater colosseums, so it could battle the unknowable beasts of the depths, but I woke up about then.