Friday, February 21st, 2003: Eat Matt Day #8

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2003-02-21 10:01:16
by: regolith
*crickets chirping*


2003-02-21 12:57:39
by: regolith
Lunch today: Bryan Turkey + Kraft single + Kraft mustard on honey wheat bread. Also, the last of the carrot sticks (Kroger has really nice carrots ready to eat). I keep biting my damn lip where I bit it a couple days ago... just makes it harder to avoid biting when it's swelled up and poking out at your teeth, whispering "crunch me, justin's teeth! i'm delicious!"

Dinner tonight: Most likely, Papa John's pizza w/ ham and pineapple

Had a morning team meeting to try to straighten out what we're working on and what our department needs to do for the company, stuff like that. I basically only have one project to work on, but it's so damn big that I can't concentrate on it very long... I think I'll be able to do better today than yesterday, it's not quite so warm in here now.

Last night I was pretty tired, so I just did an Eat Matt Day and went to bed to finish reading my DS9 book. It's the third book in this Mission Gamma series, and it sucks like the second one. The last few chapters of it were better, though. At least something happened that they'll have to address in the next book. I think the last book will be good, I'm hoping that somebody and somebody come back through the wormhole and somebody's evil scheme is thwarted and the somebodies and somebodies get along well...

Gotta watch my John Doe download before I watch JD on tv tonight, want to watch some more Macross, too.

Damn, just ate my last carrot stick...


2003-02-22 23:18:19
by: apon

Yeah, so Justin hinted that I was supposed to do the first rant on Thursday night, but I didn't get around to it. I've had an enormous number of things vying for my attention over the past week or so, making time rather tight lately. We have a big deadline coming up at work at the end of March, and I have a feeling things might not ease up until then. With some effort (and maybe some luck) I'm hoping that I can move myself back towards a six hour per night sleep schedule, which will at least give me some more time to work on stuff. Anyway, I need to finish up a couple of things and then go pass out. Later, kids.

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