Monday, September 18th, 2006
Poison is Too Expensive to Keep Giving Away for Free
regolith Hey, dudes
09/18/06 09:54:45 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Wow, two comics in a row... it's amazing!

I used most of the weekend to get settled in my new place. Unpacked a bunch of boxes, set-up some furniture, etc... I went shopping at Lowes, because I had a $10 off $50 coupon that came in my change of address packet. I also had newspaper coupons for miscellaneous stuff, like a Swiffer WetJet and Mr. Clean magic erasers. They actually had a bunch of that stuff at Lowes, so I loaded it into my cart, got $50 of junk together, and went to check out.

The guy rang all my stuff up, and I tried to give him my coupons, but he said they didn't take coupons (the $10 off $50 was okay) and that I could mail them in... Right... So I left, empty-handed. Went to Home Depot across the street and bought the 4-prong dryer power cord I really needed and went home.

So that night, I replaced my 3-prong dryer plug with the 4-prong one, which was pretty easy, up to the point where one of the screws that holds the wires to the terminals slipped out of my fingers and fell into the bowels of the machine. I tried laying it down, shaking it a bit, swearing... I heard some clinking and an item fell out! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it was a dime. Finally had to unscrew the lower-front panel and reach into its dusty, lint-trap-like guts to collect... 11 more dimes, a quarter, a penny, and a screw that I *didn't* drop in there! Everything but the screw I needed.

The right screw had acually started poking out of one of the vents on the back, but it was just a tad too big to slip out. I pried the vent open a little more to finally attain it! Then, of course, I put the front panel back on, screwed the first three wires into their terminals, and promptly dropped the third screw into the guts of the machine again. So, after some refreshing cursing, I opened that front panel again and couldn't find the screw. I had to turn that dryer onto it back and its side and its front and its side... finally, it came loose, and I finished up installing the cord (left the front panel open this time).

So now I have a dryer. My washing machine is still stuck in the garage, but I think the friend who helped me move in will be able to help me get that monster up my stairs tonight or tomorrow. Then, I'll be able to wash all the clothes I could ever wear! MUAHAHAHAHA!


regolith Let's win us an iPod together!
09/19/06 12:02:44 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Okay, guys, you totally need to start listening to the Croncast, because they're trying to get 300 new listeners by the 300th episode and they're a hilarious married couple and they don't make run-on sentences like me and they're giving away a few free iPods to new people who start listening and the people who referred them, so I want you to go to the below link and sign up as a new listener and subscribe to the podcast with the special url they'll give you and we'll both get an entry to win an iPod! Hooray!


regolith Yarr, on an unrelated topic...
09/19/06 12:17:44 AM  <link>
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Avast! 'Tis international talk like a pirate day!

Ye scurvy webcomic-reading dogs o'... scurvy! Go vote for us with the link on the top-right of our page, or we'll make yer family walk the plank! Geh-heh-heh!


regolith Hey, Dudes, pt ii
09/22/06 09:23:52 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: happy
Sorry kids, due to totally forseen circumstances that I didn't make time to prepare for, I couldn't do the comic last night. But, due to circumastances beyond my control, I will have time tonight :)