Friday, May 7th, 2004: Comic Creation Comics

ADV Sale at Right Stuf!
05/06/04 11:57:40 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: happy
I just ordered almost everything TRSI has, relating to Azumanga Daioh... And to save $7 on shipping, I ordered a $32 Maison Ikkoku box set!

At work, my DB design for the new ordering system is mostly finished. For once, I'm copying a large number of fields rather than linking records between tables. This is mostly to keep historical accuracy in case of price changes or package content changes. I'm copying the most relevant parts of the item/package/destination/course tables into the order and order_item tables. Dang, forgot about the inventory system... It's not the most urgently needed part, but it will need to keep track of inventory levels in multiple locations. My current inventory system just keeps track of inventory without regard to location. Whatever system I do finally make should support inventory transfers between locations and stuff... Gah, inventory!

I'm having a hard time working on it, though, since people keep asking me to give opinions or help print stuff, bleh. Maybe tomorrow, I'll take my big DB schema paper and hide out somewhere to keep designing.

...This comic turned out better than Matt's script looked. Must be cuz I rock! Anyway, remember to vote...