Friday, November 22nd, 2002: Green Alien Murder #1

Fatigued To current comic Make it Like Halo, Damnit!

2002-11-21 23:41:38
by: regolith
No, I didn't just go see Signs, but I kinda forgot to do a comic before now, so this is what you get.

Work is gonna be painfully busy and compressed into the next 4 work days... ... ... o_o;;


Hurry, call the news!
2002-11-22 08:22:58
by: apon

You won't believe it, but Penny Arcade was actually funny today! Yeah, I was as shocked as you are. I mean sure, they stole some basic concepts from us, but whatcha gonna do?


The Pain!
2002-11-22 12:08:33
by: regolith
Writing html forms has to be the most boringest thing ever... Even boringer than standing at the end of my checkout line holding my little sign while none of the customers come my way...

Got a little cold. Sore throat. So tired...