Monday, April 19th, 2004: Who Needs Precious Metals?

Foods on a Stick
04/18/04 11:55:40 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Maybe I should've had a torn off piece of the leprechaun in his mouth... eh, whatever.

This week, it'll hopefully be back to programming rather than binding books. hm, except that I'll have to bind 15 copies of some course notes or something on monday, and I guess everyone's supposed to bind 25 of our books each day to get some inventory ready to ship. *sigh*

This weekend, I read A Young Girl's Diary, which is... a diary by a young girl. An 11 year old (14 at the end) pre-WWI german aristocratic girl. I chose it to read pretty much randomly, but I was quickly sucked into her story. Poor stuck-up thing probably would've had a great life if both her parents hadn't died before she was 15. Then again, she probably would have married an army officer who would have just gone off and died in one of the wars. I guess she still might have, but it ends around the time of her father's death.

I watched the movie Chinatown, too. Excellent film. All suspenseful and film noir-y and well-actedish. Opened with a reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit! (The photos of patty-cake scene) There was even a reference to Chinatown in tonight's Harvey Birdman! Great stuff...