Sunday, February 10th, 2002: No Comic

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Baby-Eating Rant Converter
2002-02-10 09:40:14
by: Baby-Eating Rant Converter

In a fit of rage against productivity, I installed apache 2.0.28 and php 4.1.1 and broke everything for hours and hours. Now everything is mostly fixed, but the original impetus (adding a php-nuke powered site) turned out to not work on this new version of php, so it was quite worthless. Also, the default php.ini is much more strict than the old 4.0.2 one, so I had to edit it back to allow stuff that would let the comic keep working. I'll get to changing the comic's code sometime...

Actually, I still have the old php lying around, so I could just use that... nah.

Oh... who would have thought that making the options mirror old php 4.0.2 would make php-nuke's stuff work, too... Check it out at this link thing

Just kidding, it seems... It's broken again. I guess it's cuz I forgot to set the slashes option in php.ini

Works again... I nuked it and reinstalled. I'm just gonna change God's password and pass out now

Note: I have now deleted php-nuke since it was just too much more than I wanted :)