Friday, June 28th, 2002: Screenshot Time #1

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Note to self: screenshots == big!
2002-06-28 01:42:39
by: regolith
So, since we couldn't show you the hilarious episode about a guy talking to a hooker and his friend coming up and killing the hooker while the guy was getting his (200gp!) mojo going, I'm showing you what happens when I alt-tab out of NWN to see if it's making screenshot files and then try to come back to it, but it changes resolutions a few times, goes black, and crashes when I try to do anything. And that was only the first sentence!

I think a plethora of screenshots substituting for comics will be coming from us over the next couple weeks. Though, when Matt is away, I may be showing you my story about the box containing the xbox. Then you'll be amused and begging for more! (more -> screenshot comics)

Gearhost says they've fixed my billing problem, and I should soon see a refund on my CC for the difference in my last bill. We'll see... >_>

Oh, yeah, the henchmen rant.
Crashing + henchmen = no more henchmen. In fact, after this crash, I somehow wound up in the nearby inn when I rejoined (of course, I had to import a backup save of my character as the server can't be bothered to remember the state of someone's character when they crash), and my trusty henchman, Glitbiter or whatever-the-fuck, was there, but lo and behold, he wouldn't believe me when I told him I was the guy who hired him after the last time I crashed! I tried to show him the special gem he gave me as proof of my employer status, but he steadfastly ignored me. Not being one to push an issue, I teleported to the local temple of Tyr and sold the crud I had on my saved character. I then went down to the barracks to hire another henchman. I found Matt and his henchman there, talking to the chick with boob-shaped armor. I moved inside more to find a new henchman, but Glitbiter walked in the door and started attacking Matt's henchman! I said, "WTF!" in a medieval accent, and killed Glitbiter before he could inconvenience my friend with his bad jokes. Now, I thought the situation was cleared up, but the healer henchwoman behind me thought otherwise. Once I saw that she was attacking me, I ran for the door to keep her from embarassing herself, but she cast paralyze on me and lightning bolted me to death. Thus abused, I quit the game and came back with the same saved character from just after my crash. I started off back in the inn, and to my surprise, Glitbiter was standing there, attacking ME! The patrons and guards quickly came to my aid and dispatched him for the second time that day. With a feeling of disgust about the waste of hench-life and a feeling of trepidation about being able to hire another henchman, I teleported to the temple again and sold those items I had left over again. I then went to the barracks, hoping to find at least one henchman still friendly to my cause. I found exactly one left alive, and to my joy, he didn't try to kill me and, instead, joined me to fight the cult or werewolves or zombies or whatever. Before setting out on my journey again, I summoned my faithful Dire Wolf, Marat. At some point, I looked at the party character list, and Marat was in it twice! The dead Glitbiter was, too, even though he had shunned involvement with me and even tried to murder me! So we fought the flying zombie-werewolves with two fake party members. I dread another crash before we get through this chapter of the game, or I shall have no henchman to take my beatings for me!