Friday, August 13th, 2004: Constraints

The 13th of Friday!
08/12/04 10:55:48 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
On Wednesday, the dealership where I ordered my Scion tC called and told me all the ones in the color I wanted were already ordered by other people! Pissed me off, GARRR! Toyota of Roswell are teh retards!

Then, on Thursday, I found out that the only thing keeping me from getting my favorite color was the side curtain airbags I wanted, and that there were others available in my color within a week without them... Well, who needs head protection in a silly little auto accident, anyway? I had them order up one without side airbags immediately! Guess I'll have to be a little more careful when running red lights or driving drunk or when other people are driving drunk while running red lights.

I took the curtains that didn't fit or weren't the right color back to Wal-mart (hint: get the greeter at the front door to apply pink stickers to your items or you can't return them), but I didn't find any replacements that I liked. I bought some candles but forgot a lighter. Bought jumper cables...

Need to trade in my non-working BackUPS 650 for a couple new ones. They pay the return shipping on your old thinghy and battery, and you get new thinghies for 30-40% off!

Hopefully my links will appear... Doubting they will, though! ...


08/13/04 10:00:01 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: cooking
The links have started appearing when I post again... Maybe it's my browser at home? But I have the same version with mostly the same extensions there. Hrm.