Friday, August 8th, 2003: Take That, You Damn Socialists!

Get It?
08/08/03 06:06:01 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
I don't... But I think the one thing it doesn't mean is that Matt's not a communist. Or is.

Due to my early passing-out, I got like 9 hrs of sleep last night, but could still barely drag myself out of bed this morning :( I may have a cold or food poisoning or something. I feel rather tired right now, in fact... Though I may just conditioned to get sleepy after making a comic, but who knows! My eyeballs may fall out, and then how will I make the comic?!

Anyway, I wanted to link you to Truck Dismount last night, but passed out, so penny-arcade beat me to it :(

On Slashdot, there was a book review about a book for introverts which got me looking at a site about Jungian attitude classifications and a test to fit yourself into one of the 16 categories, but it told me I'm an ISTJ, and I don't really think that is nearly as good a match as INTP, so I guess I'm an I*T*... Anyway, I guess it just means that either the site explained them wrong or I don't act like my personality does (which doesn't make sense) or people's personalities don't fit within one of 16 boxes... It was pretty interesting to read the descriptions of the different boxes and try to think of people I know who fit them. Don't know too many people, and my I-ness means I don't bother to notice their personalities enough to fit them into boxes, so I didn't do so well. Uh... it was still neat, anyway :)


Sometimes I want to physically injure the management of Gainax
08/08/03 07:58:22 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

*sob*. "Gainax has apparently told the Right Stuf that the version of Kare Kano that they have will be the only one released to the US market." I'm not thrilled about it, but I guess this means I'm spending an extra $50-60 on top of the cost of the domestic box set to get another DVD so that I can have the complete series in uncensored form.


08/10/03 12:50:23 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: exhausted
Maybe it's just west nile... I was bitten by a couple mosquitos last weekend, moving my parent's stuff out of my place. Definitely something, though. Couldn't stay awake long enough to finish the comic thursday, took a nap after finishing it friday, and took not one, but two naps today. I need to buy a thermometer... and food. Ah, well... Got caught up on my Prince of Tennis watching today. All the way to ep 80. Watched 3 Cary Grant movies on TCM. Just saw North by Northwest from Hitchcock, and it was pretty awesome. Trains going through tunnels == sexy! A real thriller. Wonder what they're going to show tomorrow. Welp, am drinking plenty of water and taking it easy, so we'll see what tomorrow brings. I wonder if I got sick because it's so damn cold at work, I can't type?