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Damn Rants
2002-07-27 16:31:13
by: apon

Well, it looks like I'm late with the rant yet again. Sorry about that. I place the blame squarely on Justin, who did a comic when he said he was sleeping, thereby tricking me into not doing a rant. If you think about it, it'll make sense. Trust me.

At any rate, despite being only 40 miles or so from Otakon, I'm not going again this year. For some reason I won't go out and do much of anything without someone to go with. And, of course, since I get out so rarely, I don't meet much of anyone, and therefore don't have anyone around here to go out and do stuff with. Kinda sad, isn't it?

For some reason Mozilla keeps highlighting the bottom line in the text box in which I am typing this rant. How very annoying.