Friday, June 15th, 2007
Workplace Lesson: Eating Puppies is Okay, But Not Mailing Babies
regolith Is Punching Servers Okay?
06/15/07 11:42:10 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
I was at work for a couple extra hours tonight, cuz our email server started acting strangely and sucking up all our bandwidth. I think it turned out that maybe someone had sent a 5-meg email to like a hundred people and it was trying to send to all of them at once. After I found the cool free firewall from Comodo, I was able to determine what process it was that was trying to do all that uploading... Unfortunately, I think I'd already broken the email server by tinkering with it, thinking it had a virus or something... Later, I found that if I'd just set it to a max of, say, 5 outgoing connections instead of 100, it would have been peachy. Blah... Instead I went through hours of reinstalling Exchange over and over, because it never actually installed fully correctly, but somehow patches from MS brought it together enough to actually work again. Now it's sent out its bevy of 5-meg emails, so things should be back to normal. Gonna have to bang on it again Monday, probably.

Now, if AT&T (our t1 provider) hadn't been so darn responsive and telephoned me when our line was too saturated for them to tell if it was up or not, I would have ignored the slowness for the few hours it might have taken to get all the emails out, then I'd have gone home a couple hours early. Instead, I'm a couple hours late :(

Stupid responsive customer service...