Friday, September 16th, 2005: I Like to Eat Human Brains More Than Any Other Type of Brains (Except Giraffe)

09/16/05 12:00:58 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Since I got half a day off work for my birthday, and since Matt gave it a glowing review, I went to see Broken Flowers on Monday. I liked it muchly and didn't find the pacing or travelling sequences boring at all. In fact, if they didn't have those airplanes taking off, I could have sworn half the places Bill Murray visited were the same rural town in Georgia. Unknown if any were actually in GA, but they seemed to echo those places that seem to exist solely to provide an exit for the interstate highway. I suppose such rundown places can be found all over America, though.

After that, I theater-hopped to Wedding Crashers, and that was great, too. (In a different way, of course!) Luckily, Will Farrell only got a cameo, but that was still too much for my tastes. :p

I thought my weed pollen allergies were dying down, but thursday was just awful. I checked the forecast, and it was Very High and trending towards even higher! Looks like I'll be waking up unable to breathe for a few weeks?? Time to stock up on the Claritin-D, I guess!