Friday, August 16th, 2002: STFU About Elvis, He's Dead.

A Lifetime of Guaranteed Happiness To current comic Fukakyon Strikes Again

Or is he...
2002-08-16 00:33:43
by: regolith
Well... It's Matt's fault. And Patrick needs to setup his link section!


Really, Shut Up
2002-08-16 11:34:48
by: apon

Is there some reason that every newscast, commercial, and web site has to assail us with news about the anniversary of his death, rumors that he's really still alive, and video footage of Japanese people impersonating him?

I mean, look at this. What the hell? Get over it, you losers.

His music wasn't even that good.


Mojo is good.
2002-08-17 18:28:34
by: DuckPuppy
Hey, there's a link now!!! Granted, it's no longer being updated, but I still hold the hope that someday, there will be new and wonderful episodes to laugh with and enjoy.

So there.

Remember, Elvis is everywhere