Friday, April 9th, 2004: Where? I Don't See It!

It's Fire, Right? It IS, Isn't It?!
04/09/04 12:14:23 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
I suspect that this might (loosely!) count as a fan comic... Though it may not have been written with them in mind.

Or maybe it's a metaphor for current events, like our buzzcomix description describes us as making comics about... The increasingly cynical American Voter?


Last week, I was so busy at work, that I continually forgot to dry my clothes which I had washed. On the weekend, I remembered them and removed them from the dryer, since they seemed to have finished drying themselves (a full load normally needs 2 perm press cycles, but I had only given them 1). I dropped them in a pile on my bedroom floor and forgot about them for another day. When I finally decided to hang the clothes up, I found that (surprise!) they were all wrinkly and would have to be sent back to the dryer. I started picking them up and recieved Mini Scorpion Attack #1 for 2004. Luckily, it was dead, so it just fell out of my clothes and corpsed around on the floor. I wonder if it got into my clothes and died after I dropped them on the floor or before I put them in the dryer... creepy.

In other news, I ate green chicken curry for lunch (with leftovers for dinner) on Thursday. It was okay. Spicy enough and tasty, but I guess I'm just not into curry as much as my favorite black science fiction character from England, Dave Lister.


Streaming Music...
04/11/04 12:46:05 AM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

...Needs to be done in higher bitrates. I was poking around the Shack looking for posts on Magnatune, and saw somebody mention SomaFM. Didn't really know what Soma was, so I checked it out. Turns out it's a nifty streaming internet radio station. Naturally, my first stop is the 'cliqhop' channel. A Phoenicia track was on, and something didn't sound quite right... Then again, sometimes Phoenicia tracks are like that on purpose. After a couple more tracks, we hit something from Boards of Canada. 1969 to be specific. And suddenly it hits me what the problem is -- everything sounds like muddy shit. And so I take a look at the stream info in WinAmp, and find this thing's running at 112kbps. Yuck. Note to streaming radio stations: Anything less than 192kbps cbr mp3s sounds awful even when you're not listening critically. If you want people to be able to enjoy what you're providing, throw some bandwidth at it, or consider switching to Ogg Vorbis, which fares much better in these circumstances.