Friday, May 9th, 2003: Handbag Made of Meat

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2003-05-09 01:23:19
by: regolith
Took long time make Gabe and anthropomorphic crocodile. Mostly Gabe, though. Bye.


Alligator vs Crocodile
2003-05-09 14:56:38
by: apon

Umm... Alligators "differ from crocodiles in having a broader, shorter snout."

I have plenty to write about, but probably won't have time to do so until this evening. Toodles, kids.


2003-05-09 15:04:04
by: regolith
El Presidente let us off at 3:00 for an early start on the weekend. Too bad I was getting into the groove, coding this thinghy. Owel, maybe the groove will last until I can get home and get started in on the DrF codebase.

Just noticed Matt's rant: Huh? Did I draw an alligator by mistake? I don't understand... But your vaunted says that alligators are crocodiles anyway, so *shrug*