Sunday, December 3rd, 2000: Screwed

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2000-12-03 03:50:44
by: regolith

This is about equivalent to my thought processes.

Image key:

  1. A surprisingly brawny old woman wearing an Atari t-shirt and about to eat a small puppy
  2. A dolphin wearing a Q-bert t-shirt. The dolphin speaks Japanese and is about to use chopsticks to eat a tiny person.
  3. A skeleton wearing a Treasure t-shirt. The skeleton has 6 (bony) fingers on its right hand and a hook for a left hand. He is not going to eat the egg that is sitting in front of him as he is dead.
  4. An odd person wearing a "Got Wang?" t-shirt (from penny-arcade). The odd person is giving a double "V" hand signal (why?) and is about to use his hands to eat a lobster (that he has dangerously put on a plate AND left a magnet by). The (plate-colored) lobster has a beak.

I hope this has been insightful into my study process.

I am so screwed.