Friday, August 29th, 2003: Rubicon

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by: regolith - mood: normal
...Nothing much to say... On wednesday, I saw the episode of ST:TNG where they're stuck in a time loop and the Bozeman keeps ramming them and Data sends himself a post-hypnotic suggestion FROM THE FUTURE! I like that one. Oh, yeah. The lines are all thick cuz the software that switches the tablet into pressure-sensitive mode for Photoshop didn't recognize that I was in Photoshop, and I was too lazy to close and reopen Photoshop, or even to change my brush to a thinner one, so you get thick lines.


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by: apon - mood: Default

Everybody's ignorant about some things. It's even fair to say that most people are ignorant about most things. There's nothing wrong with that, really; you can't be expected to know everything. The problem is that there are some people either don't know or refuse to acknowledge that they're ignorant about certain topics. These people are annoying at best, and even have the potential to be dangerous in some situations. I suppose I should be glad that the cost to me of dealing with one of these people was just an hour or two of my time, but really it just increases my contempt for the human race a little more. How is it that no matter how low my expectations are for someone they always have the ability to sink below them?


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by: regolith - mood: normal
He didn't believe you about the squirrels, did he?

Continuing my work on a Simsoc spreadsheet, I found that Excel has a built-in function that does what I was hand-crafting VBA functions to do (look up a value in a table and give the value to its right)... Stupid VB.


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by: regolith - mood: cooking-with-gas
I'm taking tuesday off to drive my scarred car around to local shops to get estimates, so my weekend is long indeed! Maybe I'll just by a wrench and hammer and try to fiX0r it myself! Hah...

Speaking of buying things, I got some junk mail from Rooms to Go that included an ad for a pretty beige leather couch that I'd like to put in my living room... 2 years no interest, $744... That's like $35 per month... Anyway, I must go try it out and waffle for hours about whether I want it that badly or not.

When I got back from lunch, there was a seaaaaaled envelope with my name on it sitting in my chair. I hurriedly unsealed it and discovered a letter thanking me for my help with the big overtime-needing project a couple weeks ago and a $50 traveller's check! That's like six weeks of leather couch right there! W00!


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by: regolith - mood: exhausted
From Comcast:
Our records indicate your account is past due. If your payment has already been made, please disregard this notice. If the previous balance is not paid by 09/09/03, you will be assessed a $6.00 processing fee and any cable equipment on your account will be electronically shut down.

They have still not called me back about the damn PPV charges, though I've called them once since I called to initiate the investigation. 4 more PPV movies were ordered last weekend by the cable pirate/computer glitch. On my last call to comcast, I asked if they could disable PPV ordering from my account. They said they couldn't, since the orders were coming from my box and not by phone. They told me I could put a 4-digit lock on the box, and I told them I'd already done that. I asked if it was a per-box lock or per-account, and they said it was per-box. Thanks a lot! I already knew "they" weren't using my cable box as I've been at home during many of the times "they" ordered movies. I hadn't tested whether the code on the box worked, but when I got home that night, I did. The box told me to call an 800-number instead of asking for my code, but whatever. I changed the code, though it wouldn't matter anyway, and it didn't matter, as you can see... *sigh*

Transaction Date Post Date Description Amount
--- --- FRANCHISE FEES $ 0.64
08-23-03 08-26-03 HOW TO LOSE A GUY START 02:00 P.M. $ 3.99
08-24-03 08-26-03 THE HOURS START 12:00 NOON $ 3.99
08-24-03 08-26-03 WES CRAVENS THEY+ START 10:30 A.M. $ 3.99
08-24-03 08-26-03 DARK BLUE START 05:00 P.M. $ 3.99
    Total $ 16.60