Friday, November 1st, 2002: The Spector Saga, Part 3: UNATCO Tastes Like Organic Cheetos

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2002-11-01 17:27:55
by: regolith
Thought Matt would have something ready, but I guess not... And before anyone ELSE looks at the comic (yeah, right), I'll put up one of my own.

Welp, yesterday was sure weird. It was some kind of holiday, but I was up early to go to work, and then I passed out while doing the comic and had to come back and finish it a bit after midnight when I woke up again.

I'm sure everyone knows the three other characters in today's comic: Best Buy Guy, Sir Archibald, and the girlfriend of new tall guy (but not the NEW new tall guy). They're characters from drlobster and gamerhotties, mike and jake's comics that both seem to be dead now. I betcha didn't know the chick worked at Best Buy, eh? EH???

Er, um... well... I've got to work tomorrow, but not sunday or the following saturday, so that's kinda nice. Just means I'll have worked on thursday, so I'll probably be passing out again, just in time for the final part of the Spector Saga.

In stupid spending news, I bought $100 of stuff to play DDR at home with... Still gotta send my CC company a $600 check for the gamecube and accessories, but I won't have to worry about this new hundred until next month. Hooray! Also, I get to give half my earnings to my parents to pay for room and board now. Hooray!



2002-11-02 16:13:03
by: apon

Matt didn't have anything ready because Matt was told he was going to have to take a raincheck on the comic actually being finished. So Matt went to sleep instead. Matt intended to do a rant at work, since Justin decided not to tell anyone he had actually been able to get the comic done, but Matt was busy and didn't have time. Just so you know why Matt didn't rant sooner.

As for that holiday, yeah, it was pretty enjoyable. Managed to give away a little over 10 pounds of candy over the course of the evening, and got to make a bunch of kawaii little ones smile, which I seem to enjoy. It also gave me an excuse to crank up the Quake soundtrack really loud (not that I necessarily need an excuse).

Boy, if I'd known we were supposed to be reporting stupid spending news, I'd have had a lot more content in my rants. On that topic, I'm thoroughly enjoying Buffy on Xbox, and I'm sure I'll dig Shen Mue II as well (right after I actually get around to playing through the original Shen Mue on Dreamcast). I'm sure I'll also dig playing Contra: Shattered Steel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Gungrave, Kingdom Hearts, Skygunner, and WipeOut Fusion on PS2. I'll stop now. I think entertainment purchases are going to be pretty minimal for the rest of the year...

By the way, we seem to be absolutely ruling Google now. We are the top hit for those of you searching for dr. fishopolis, and in the top 20 for "animal crossing codes"!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that Rego's parents are being complete jerks.