Monday, April 21st, 2003: PGA: Now Doesn't That Make You Feel Better?

Sometimes, It's Just Easier To current comic Damn You, Gabe Newell!

Persona Non Grata
2003-04-20 22:13:14
by: regolith
Now that I've turned in my $155(!) application for an apartment, I've got to consider a ban on Apon staying there and possibly burning the place down :)

Over the weekend, I setup stuff for web development on my newer computer. I also got Smarty working on the DrF webserver, so I should have magical new features sometime in the future, whenever I get to working on them or thinking about them.

Went and saw the movie Holes with little sister Sara on sunday. It was pretty much targeted to her age group. Too much use of flashbacks to connect the dots for you... 'Guess kids can't retain events in their memories for use in explaining events later. Owel.


Fire Makes It Better
2003-04-21 13:37:50
by: apon

Heck, even Penny Arcade was funny today, and it was all thanks to fire!


Fire, Fire everywhere
2003-04-21 14:47:45
by: DuckPuppy

Looks like fire is a big theme today...


Oh, My! How Delightful!
2003-04-22 09:26:32
by: regolith
Elftor always has the best links. I especially enjoyed this strip from