Friday, April 11th, 2003: Meanwhile, back on earth...

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If you're going to travel in time...
2003-04-13 01:01:15
by: regolith
Might as well reach a long way... July 13th, 2001 is the last comic I have saved from I tried to do a continuation of the last "plot" comic from GH, but it turned out to be boring and pointless unless I was going to do more. You can't really say much in 9 panels. Also, since they moved out of funny territory for whatever reason, the ill-fated comic was not going to be funny, either (I make no claims about this replacement, but if you liked our other 100 pedophilia jokes, you should like this one, too).

I went apartment-hunting with Mom on Saturday and some some nice places and some crappy places. The woman showing us around one place even called the bottom-floor apartments "The Dungeon," so I don't think I'll be renting from her company. On the other hand, there's this nice 2-bedroom in a small community that is somehow tucked away behind some quiet park with trees and stuff. The apartments were originally built as condominiums, but they decided against selling them, I guess, so the ceilings/floors have extra-thick sound-proofing between them. Of course, me being able to move into this lovely place hinges on knowing that my company is definitely going to move to that area, so I have to talk to my CFO and find out exactly how confident she is that we'll be moving there.