Friday, October 28th, 2005: That's Right Officer, I Was at a Halloween Party

Where do we get this gold??
10/27/05 11:18:41 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: cooking
I think this comic hits about all our classic joke topics, though without the usual visuals :D

I had a bit of a busy week at work, though no overtime, thankfully. It's been mostly overhauling our corp. website and working on a site for a Judge from New Orleans. In weirder news, one of our clients was over for a couple half-days to work on some document with us. (That wasn't the weird part.) I wasn't really involved and just came in a couple times for tech support, but I could swear that she was totally flirting with me... Now, you're thinking that's awesome, I should have asked for her card and had her write her cell # on the back or something, but... She's 43...! (← the weird part) Though! Not bad looking at all for 43. She had pixie-cut hair, and I find pixie-cut hair to be totally sexy(!), so it wasn't just amusement I felt... We got to chat alone a couple times, but I couldn't make excuses to chat long enough (a modem can only connect just so slowly, but this one tried its best!) to definitively find out if she had a husband(!) or something, so... yeah. No, uh, luck there, and she said she won't be back in our office for awhile. I feel a bit silly for even pondering an affair with a woman 18 years older than me, but... Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. ...Aren't you?

Haha, just checked my horoscope for thursday:

Someone has been hanging around you an awful lot lately, so much so that you're quite sure about their intentions. You have a secret admirer. Try not to blow their cover -- at least, not until they're ready to 'fess up.

I can keep a secret if you can, Mrs. Robinson :-p

⟨private message to neta: where've you been all week??⟩