Friday, May 3rd, 2002: I Still Don't Want a P4

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I once had a rant...
2002-05-02 23:48:12
by: apon

...but not any more. The administration system did something weird, and we're not quite sure why. I'll try to write something else up in a bit, but i didn't want to delay the comic.


Moving on...
2002-05-03 10:59:45
by: regolith

Welp, that college thing is done with. I'm moving home today, and I'll only be back to get my "diploma" tomorrow. They'll mail my real diploma some other time unless they lose it or something.

I haven't done Monday's comic, so maybe you'll get another pants guy apon day (where are his pants?) or two or three. I persevered in another area, though, and now we have rant editing and stuff, so we can see the comic we're writing rants for and the other rants we're replying to! I'm sure this will positively influence the quality of our comic overall!