Monday, June 10th, 2002: Take Your Clothes Out of the Damn Drier!

It's still Friday, I swear! To current comic East Coast Beach Tour '02 (Day 14)

The Space Baby Loves You!
2002-06-09 23:42:56
by: apon

Yes, that's right, today's comic is on time! I owe it all to doing everything myself without Rego's help.

A special hello goes out to our most dedicated reader, adsl-* The rest of you could really stand to learn from this person.

For those of you who might have missed them, be sure to check out last Monday and Friday's comics. They have, of course, always been there.


The Space Baby Is Indifferent To You!
2002-06-11 11:37:31
by: regolith
Welp, now I'm in Atlantic Beach, NC. Dropped the little sister somewhere and won't have to take her back until July, so it's a bit more relaxing now... There's this beach and stuff. No hot naked anime chicks on the beach, but sometimes it's close. Still accessing the Internet through the public library system because the AT&T global network access numbers don't work here either, even though they're local!!! Maybe they're just un-local enough to not work, but why, then, are they in the same area code?? We need 10-digit dialing with no long distance charges for all, damnit!

So... I didn't do a comic for monday or friday--Wait, I think I have something! Since monday's actually got done, the one I send apon will be friday's (good job on last week's strips, btw). Man, I wrote it without inspiration, and it shows!

Anyway, I've got to go sit on the beach and program a stackless Tcl interpreter on paper, so I'll cya whenever I happen to get access again.