Friday, March 25th, 2005: Yes, I Would Like Some Shitty Overpriced Accessories with That!

Probably better than Penny-Arcade's version!
03/25/05 12:20:57 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
Man... I want a Cinnabon... *drool*


Comcast Totally Rocks <== No Sarcasm Here, Folks
03/25/05 03:50:35 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: chaos

Due to Comcast's crazy rate changes, it was cheaper to add digital and HDTV service to what I already had than to keep things like they were. So, I called around noon to upgrade. A few minutes later my internet connection was offline. It's now almost 4:00 PM, and it's only just coming back. Comcast is so awesome.