Friday, March 11th, 2005: The Glue Whisperer

You've wasted all the steam!
03/10/05 11:49:12 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal

Space Ghost: Hold on a second, Conan. Moltar? This ant has come back from the dead. It must be one of those self-repeating, immortal Franken-ants.

Conan O'Brien: It's probably just another, different ant.

Space Ghost: A second ant? No, no. It's his brother avenging the death of his twin! It's his twin brother!

Conan O'Brien: Really?

Space Ghost: I'm gonna follow him home. Kill his whole family.

So... On Wednesday, I played a boardgame called Hansa. It's about buying barrels of abstract merchandise and selling them to build market stalls and selling the market stalls to bury your barrels, so... they're worth more.

I gave up on having dynamic buzzcomix buttons that tell you our ranking on the toplist, cuz both of them are broken now. Must have been leeching their bandwidth or something. So now I'm hotlinking to a static image button on their server. Vote for our consideration!