Friday, October 14th, 2005: So Very Tired

Hot enough for ya?
10/14/05 12:31:42 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: flying
He leaned back, his face slick with the fresh, warm essence of the other young man. Lazily, he brushed his hand on his own cheek, licking his lips and fingers for the exquisite taste of the other. These past weeks, he'd tried to dismiss the awakening of his new urges, but tonight, he had been completely overcome with need for what the other could give him. Now, after the act he had feared to even think about, and hated the inevitability of, his hunger was satisfied. Unnatural, he had considered it before. Now, he knew it was the opposite. Though he felt awkward in the afterglow of his first time, he could see that this would be his path from now on. God, this one is handsome, he reflected, brushing a strand of hair from the other's rapidly cooling, pallid brow. As he flew back up to the ceiling for his morning nap, he thought, Oh, the fun we'll have!
Mmm, our first slash fanfic, by our handsomest fan, me! Now, if only I could bring back SPK, we would have something!