Friday, July 5th, 2002: Doomsday

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Happy Firday!
2002-07-05 15:52:08
by: regolith
So Matt's off in NY somewhere doing something.

We beat the campaign included in NWN. Now we just have to find more multiplayer stuff to do...

I'm testing out sound stuff in Clanlib so I can try to do some game design work when I'm not all tired for no reason...

I guess that's it


2002-07-06 03:59:29
by: apon

somewhere, something: Upstate, smashing rocks to find diamonds, hanging out at a bar, and talking philosophy until way to late with my cousin's boyfriend. Pretty fun actually, though I wish I had let Sarah have her way about that last drink.

...Of course, I'm sitting here typing this instead of sleeping, and it was my own damn choice in the first place, so wtf, right?

Have fun with Justin minding the store...