Friday, December 23rd, 2005: Apartment Hunting #2

A Parable of Infinite Complexity
12/22/05 11:42:53 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
It's so complex that I don't understand it, so you shouldn't, either!

I made it home alive! I'm totally alive and not a piece of me has died and/or fallen off. On the plane back, I sat next to a guy who won the high school state tennis championship in like '98. It was totally on the court where Agassi won gold in the '96 olympics, and he got Agassi to sign a bunch of stuff for him! He seemed a bit drunk, and I guess it was needed to screw up his courage, since he was a "nervous flier." He was wearing nice jeans, a leather jacket, and... sunglasses! At 8pm, on a darkened plane (they turned the lights off when we took off). Well, anyway, we made it to Atlanta and I left to stand on a breezy MARTA train platform in my light jacket, no hat, no gloves, on what seemed like the coldest night of the year. Had to get off at Lindbergh, since the train I was on was scheduled to go out of service at that time and wait half an hour for the train to North Springs. (Note to self, Lindbergh is also breezy, so get off at one of the earlier underground stops or just wear a sweater, hat, and gloves.) 2 days of parking was $12, and the gate ticket they gave me was eaten by the machine, so I had to hit the call button and get the gate opened for me. I had an uneventful ride home, and thus happily ends my happy tale of happy travelling.

Merry Christmas!