Monday, August 5th, 2002: Well, It's Better Than Rosie, Isn't It?

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It's a Conan Reference...
2002-08-04 23:29:56
by: apon

...If you don't get it, you need to start watching more.


Fire, I can understand...
2002-08-08 01:44:54
by: DuckPuppy
So, electricity. It's done me a horrible turn the last few days, and I have to wonder if we wouldn't really be better off without it. In the course of a week, I've had:
  • the power die as I was defragging my laptop's hard drive. Poor computer, wouldn't boot anymore. Reinstall. Much cursing. Didn't lose much though.
  • the battery in my wife's car die WHILE DRIVING. Granted, I should have known that something like this might have happened, given that I had just jump-started it and was on my way to Sears to purchase a new battery for said vehicle, but annoying none-the-less, given the two mile walk at noon in 110 degree heat to fetch the other vehicle to go get the battery myself. Not to mention the problems inherent in now getting TWO cars back home by myself.
  • the power flicker as I was burning CDs at my house. Twice in a row. In 10 minutes.

Yeah, this is completely off-topic. Assuming that there is a topic to be off of... I just don't see how electricity applies to Godzilla or Angelina, unless you count the numerous scenes of Godzilla walking through power lines and being surrounded by really cool electrical spark effects. Hey, it's a "rant".