Friday, March 12th, 2004: DF Kombat

03/12/04 12:20:30 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: exhausted
...been feeling rather low all week. Don't exactly know why. Was so tired at work thursday, that I went home an hour early and took a 2-hr nap! Dunno if I'm not getting enough sleep or if it was just the shock of getting four or five somewhat urgent/large tasks in one day... Don't really know where to start there. Almost dismissed this script as too much art, but I realized I could use pockets to reduce the art by about half :P

Owel, maybe friday will be better.


Help for AIX Administrators
03/12/04 05:14:48 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

Problem: I'm attempting to upgrade my RS/6000 server from AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.1, but it keeps hanging midway through the upgrade process on the package ifor_ls.base.cli.

Solution: This appears to be a problem with the upgrade process attempting to migrate your licenses to the new version of iFOR/LS. The solution that has worked for us:

  1. Remove all packages that match the pattern ifor_ls.*, as well as bos.ifor_ls.client and bos.ifor_ls.server. You'll have to leave bos.rte.ifor_ls because of its numerous dependencies.
  2. If you have the C/C++ compiler installed, remove the package xlC.C and all dependencies. Then go through and clean up any other xlC packages that don't have numerous/important dependencies.
  3. As root, issue a find / -name "*.lic" -print. Delete anything that looks like it's a license file and not something innocuous.
  4. Again as root, issue find / -name "ifor*" -print. Nuke it all.
  5. Still as root, issue find / -name "i4*" -print, and then find / -name "libi4*" -print. Trash it all.
  6. At this point the paranoid in me would do finds for "*ifor*" and "*i4*" and rid myself of anything even vaguely suspicious. You probably ought to leave the bos.rte.ifor_ls stuff alone, though, since you couldn't uninstall it before.
  7. Boot from your 5.1 media and start up a migration installation. If all goes well, you should finally get past the ifor_ls items and eventually complete your upgrade.

Hopefully this item will be of use to someone out there. I know it's been very frustrating for me to search Google and not find anything even remotely related to this issue out there. Obviously, due to the nature of the changes, you'll need to do a bit of reinstalling after the upgrade completes, but it's a small price to pay for finally getting around this huge headache.