Monday, April 10th, 2006
He Totally Called To Let Me Know
regolith Nippliciousational
04/09/06 10:06:59 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
[Reference] Maybe Matt can shed some light on this, but Mr. Duckpuppy did rant for us a few times, long, long ago. And now he does Harry Potter slash fiction/artwork. Fantastic!


DuckPuppy I'll show you "Harry"...
04/10/06 07:49:27 PM  <link>
by: DuckPuppy - mood: Skru-U
While it is entirely true that I'm no longer a game programmer... I can't draw stick figures well, much less touching images of Snape and Harry together. And I spell my name DuckPuppy, not Duckpuppy. That should let you know it's not me, anyway. *sheesh*

You hide the fact that I called you to ask if you wanted me ot pick up a copy of "Lost In Blue" for you so you could play out your "young Asian boy on remote island" fantasies.

When I'm in the CIA, I'm TOTALLY going to put you guys in the "suspected terrorists" list.