Friday, January 31st, 2003: Girl Hair

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Damn Fraggles!!!
2003-01-30 22:06:41
by: regolith
Ugh, so that harmony place didn't email me back with the status of my damn tablet order, so I have to call them and cancel it or something and then order it from somewhere else tomorrow at work.

Also, management plopped this wacko assignment on us techs that basically goes, "Write a business and marketing plan for this product that we (management) made up and have been marketing to people for months now, because we didn't bother to do it ourselves before we started in on this insane venture." I guess we have to get it done Friday, blah. Double blah.

Anyway, it's all rainy, and I keep trying to get into accidents, but the Atlanta drivers on the non-interstate roads I drive on are just too good at avoiding me! *pout*


Discord :(
2003-01-31 12:49:46
by: regolith
Called Harmony and they said they were expecting a shipment next week, so, tired of waiting and waiting for them, I cancelled the order and went to CruxWorks to order a brand new tablet for a little more money. You know, I always seem to buy stuff online on Fridays, which sucks, because then I have to wait 2 days more than if I ordered it some other day. Owel, maybe they'll ship my order really quick-like and it'll be trucking its way down from Tennessee over the weekend. And maybe they'll never ever ship it cuz they suck or something. We'll see.


Holy Shit
2003-02-01 09:50:56
by: apon

The space shuttle Columbia has been lost. Turn on CNN, and you'll see a horrifying video that looks like the shuttle breaking into multiple pieces on re-entry. We can only hope that by some miracle the crew is somehow okay. :-(