Friday, June 21st, 2002: The Writer's Block Option

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The Reinstall Option
2002-06-21 01:27:19
by: regolith
The title of this comic refers to the bible. Inspiring reading, ain't it?

So... A couple days ago, Win2k kinda lost the ntfs symlink I had to my profiles partition. It also lost the Administrative Tools that would have allowed me to relink the thing. So I wiped out that install and my old win98 partition and combined them. Now I have enough space to not make a symlink to the other partition. I just have to make users and copy over the files, blah.

Now I'm reinstalling everything and stuff, so instead of The Gimp, I used paint shop pro 6. I hope to not be Gimpless for Monday's comic.

In other news, I got my first real driver's license thursday after four hours of waiting! I can now drive up to Matt's place and ram his trees!


2002-06-21 12:20:26
by: apon

But I didn't have writer's block!

And your fourth frame looks dumb, so there. :-p